Guild Recruitments: Please Read Me!

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Hello Kings and Queens. You have entered the Guild Recruitments section. Here we wish to offer our users to advertise their guilds in order to seek new members and give our users an opportunity to find new guilds.

If this is your first time doing a guild advertisement, here's an example template you can use.
(Copy/paste the following and fill it out!)
Guild Name:
Leader(s) of Guild:
Requirements to Join: (point level; activity level; resource level)
Resources we have to trade: (so recruitment for players without these resources that have something we need)
Why we rock:
Be sure to include any further information about your guild, including anything you'd like to say regarding progression, focus, or anything you think will attract people to your guild. You are more than welcome to include a link to your guild's site. Hope this helps you guys out some. Happy recruiting and Recruitment fun.​
Not open for further replies.