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Guild members & friendlist cap increase


Chief Warrant Officer
Increasing the maximum number of members in a guild and friends in the friendlist.

To have something to do with medals and more options to use diamonds on.

The number of members in a guild can increase with the increase of the guilds level, and/or by using medals and diamonds.
The number of friends in your friendlist can be increased by using medals and maybe supplies or diamonds. (coins can be already used for fps)

Guild members increase:
guild level 10 +1
guild level 15 +1
guild level 20 +1
guild level 25 +1
guild level 30 +1
guild level 35 +1
guild level 40 +1
guild level 45 +1
guild level 50 +2
(total +10 members at level 50) if more guild levels are added, +1 for each 5 levels

Diamond funding - Each time a player purchases diamonds while in a guild, the guild diamond fund receives 3% of the diamonds. The 3% are not deducted from the players balance, but they are added from the game for free directly to the guilds fund. Additionally, players can chose to donate diamonds to the guild fund. Top 10 funders will receive rewards every week (blueprints, fp packs)

Medal funding - Each time a player receives medals while in a guild, the guild fund receives 7%. The 7% come for free and are not deducted from players medals balance. Additionally players can donate medals to the guilds fund. Weekly rewards for top 10 donators too.

Diamond members increase
+1 member = 1000 diamonds
+1 = 2500 diamonds
+1 = 5000
+1 = 10000
+1 = 25000
+1 = 50000
+1 = 100000
+1 = 250000
+1 = 500000
+1 = 1000000 diamonds
Total +10 members from diamonds funding

Medals member increase:
+1 = 1000 medals
+1 = 5000
+1 = 25000
+1 = 100000
+1 = 500000
+1 = 5000000
+1 = 50.000.000
+1 = 500.000.000
+1 = 1 billion medals
+1 = 10 billion medals
Total members +10

Diamonds funding opens at guild level 5, Medals funding opens at guild level 10
Maximum guild members: 80+10+10+10=110

Friends limit increase:
+5 = 5000
+5 = 25000
+5 = 100000
+5 = 500000
+5 = 1000000
+5 = 5000000

+2 = 100k
+2 = 500k
+2 = 2.5million
+2 = 10million
+2 = 100million
+2 = 500million
+3 = 1billion

Premium funding:
500 diamonds - +1 friend, +2 invitation
1000 diamonds - +3firends, +4 invitations
5000 diamonds - +5 friends, +6 invitations
10000 diamonds - +6 friends, +8 invitations

Total number of friends after all are maxed: 140+30+15+15=200
Total number of invitations: 80+20=100

Optional: 3% of all collected supplies, 4% of all purchased diamonds and 5% of all obtained medals go directly in friend limit cap increase funding automaticaly as a bonus for free, and players can add more to speed up the increase.

The amounts of medals, supplies and diamonds are only a suggestion, and can be changed.

Visual Aids:


Abuse Prevention:
Put a limit to prevent unlimited number of guild members or friends, or make it increase proportionally and each next upgrade costs more. A player has to be a member for at least 30 days before he is able to start receiving rewards from Guild funding to prevent people from abusing it for the rewards in ghost guilds, and also maybe to make ghost guilds not so popular since a player will not be able to receive the rewards if he is jumping from guild to guild.
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-1, will just make those guilds that have been going longer and with higher guild level the opportunity to be stronger than up and coming guilds. Also don't like the pay for extra guild members part with spending diamonds.

Personally I think the current caps are fine although I wouldn't object to the sending invite one to be increased to the same level as maximum number of friends allowed rather than set to 80. However, even then I'm fairly neutral as the current system means you have to put some thought an effort into managing your friends list which isn't a bad thing in my opinion.


If the proposal would have been a DECREASE of allowed members when the level increases, I would have been pro.
But once again a proposal to make it a game only for the big guilds...
-20 from me!


Im opposed the CAp on friendlist and also am not at all amused by the fact that you have to add your guildmates on friendlist on tavern. Its ridiculous to have only 80 invites. The fact that if you want to change it you have to break down BELOW 80 in order to send, no matter if you have accepted an ivite above 80 up to 140.
The above mentioned idea however I find not feasible, its too complicated and we all know that FoE doesnt want to help browser game players anymore. They just want to have our money spend on diamonds.
But for th p orblem there is a simple/ option.
I suggest to INCREASE friend invite option to 141. Plus automatically add Guildmates to tavern.