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Implemented: Guild Identification

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I would like to propose the idea of adding the guild flag to the display area where the player and their neighbors are shown.
I looked through submitted ideas and have not found this.

The reason we need this is because my guild is growing and we have had to start our academy guild, ( 2nd Division) because of the 80 member limit on each guild.
We do not want to plunder our own academy guild when building PvP points.

My idea is that there would be an icon added in the area where the players name and picture icon is currently displayed that would show the guilds flag if the player is in a guild. If they are not in a guild nothing would be displayed at their picture.
As it is now we have no way of knowing if another neighbor has joined our 2nd Division guild unless we look at the guilds player list and compare it manually to our neighbors to avoid plundering are own guild members.
As it is now we are working around this issue by adding our guilds initials in our city name area but some players have very imaginative city names which use a lot of characters.

I'm thinking the guilds flags could be similar to the system used in Grepolis.
Example would be;
your own guilds flag would be the color blue.
Other guilds flags would be green but you would have the option to change the guilds color.
So if you go to the list of guilds you could change your 2nd Division's flag to blue also but all the other guilds would be green unless you want to watch a different guilds players progress you could change their color to yellow for example.
Later on if guild wars ever do come about, this would be a way to paint the guilds flag red if you were at war with them.

Balance/Abuse Prevention
i would think this does not apply, its a win win for all.

Please consider. Thank you!


Hi bootnreboot... thanks for your proposal.

I agree to the need of being able to recognize "Allies" in the player bar...
I know some, who uses their Friends-bar for this issue... but it's a lot of work maintaining that.
But if it just shows the Guild-flag it becomes a mess, since several Guilds uses the same flag.
Your idea is interesting and needed, but I guess it needs some alterations to be really acceptable...


such a feature will be in the next update along with your goods offers/needs


A quick solution would be for all guild members to write their Guild name in their personal description.
That still makes things tedious, but nonetheless, it's a quick fix.

But I totally agree that it's hard to know who's in a guild and who's not.
At the moment the only way is to go into world ranks and search a player by name.
Far too many times does one invite a player only to receive "but I'm already part of a guild".


as i stated above it will be in the next update, a screenshot of the new player profile is below



We too have had to start a second guild.
How we resolved this issue was to have each guild member use the initials of our guildname in their town:
FT Lodroth's Town

This way neighbours can always instantly see at the town name if someone is from the same guild, when visiting.

- L


I'm a little confused right now, i thought the friends bar is the same thing as what you are mentioning


Thank you for the input pertaining to my idea of guild identification.
Just for some clarification;

What i had in mind was the space that is under the envelope for messages could be used to display the players guild flag if they were in a guild. No guild and it would still look just like it is now.

King Dael,
regarding the issue that you addressed about the same flag being used by other guilds.
My idea of color coding would resolve that. I'm using the same method used in Grepolis, your own guild would always be blue. Any other guild would always display green on your screen regardless of what the guilds real color is. The flag of that same guild would be blue for their players on their own screen but green on your screen. But you could go to the list of guilds and right click on their flag and change it to any color you chose off the standard RGB color choices. By doing this, as you scrolled thru all of your neighbors you would see all green flags except yours and your fellow guild members and your academy guild members would be the blue ones. Much easier when you have 80 players in your neighborhood.

What you show as an example would certainly be helpful but you would have to stop at each player, pause over their city name and wait for the pop-up, check it then move on to the next. I guess i was just looking for a faster way to i.d. team mates with the flag being displayed.
And as i had mentioned before , if you ever develop "guild wars" it would be a quick way to i.d. the enemy by painting their flag red and you would see immediately who the players are that you are at war with as you scroll thru the neighbors.

Yes that is what we are doing now, using initials for our guild name in the slot for the town name.
Only problem is there are not enough spaces to have a town name as well as our initials because we also use a method to relay if a player wants polishing or motivating when team mates come visiting with a 4 letter code.
So our slot for the town name is 8 spaces short to start with because of our initials and the 4 letter code and there is only a total of 15 spaces to use so a town name can only be 6 letters long max.

The friends list would not help, you would have to manually update it everyday as your academy guild grows up to the 80 player maximum. On one day they might gain 4 players and loose 2, next day, loose 1 and gain 10 etc etc. So you would be maintaining an 80 name list manually when maybe only 6 are in your neighborhood so you would still have to figure out which player is in your neighborhood for you to visit and polish or motivate since you can not visit players on your friends list by using the friends list to polish or motivate, they still have to be in your neighborhood in order to visit them to polish or motivate.
From what i see the only use of the friends list is to be able to message them, you can visit the city and look at what they are doing but the support buttons for polish and motivate are greyed out and unusable.

But anyway....thank you for all your input, i'm glad to see something is in the works, it would be nice though to make it a little quicker to i.d. with a flag displayed at the neighborhood screen and to be able to change its color.

Thank you!


ok, i get it now; yea, this isn't a problem of mine, but i'll still agree with this.
Also, why does there need to be a 80 person limit on friends: You can't do anything with them!
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