Do Not Suggest: Guild goods trader

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I am not sure if that was suggested before but I was not able to find such thread.

As the subject states a trading option for the goods in the guild treasury to convert its goods to lower age goods.


  • Guilds now have mostly goods above FE in the 300-400K range and they had nothing to do with them until recently. Battlegrounds are using them now but even then they are not used that much as buildings require other goods as well. Basically those goods are piling up and doing almost nothing.
  • Great buildings that providers resources are relegated to next to worthless. The Arc is used by everyone for obvious reasons but Observatory rarely gets past level 10 and Atomium is practically worthless, especially after "The Future" era. Players usually delete Atomium past FE.
  • This leads to some players being used as a dedicated contributor in a certain age, for example, an EME (or another era) player with 70 level ARC and that is it no progress.
I suggest a system to allow guilds to trade higher era resources to lower era ones on a ratio 1:1 regardless of the era, example:

1000 Mars goods for 1000 goods in TE
1000 Mars goods for 1000 goods in FE, etc.

These resources are mostly coming from ARCs and other GB and the 1:1 ratio seems reasonable. If you want a higher one the player must use its own resources and trade them in the market before donating. A ration of 2:1 for the guild or other will hurt the income and will actually penalize a higher era player as their GB is now producing higher than FE goods.

The trade from lower to higher era might be prohibited or not, sincerely the problem is mostly the bottleneck of higher than FE goods not having any use, so whatever you decide.

This will tackle the problem with lots of goods in the treasuries that are just staying there, making some GB more worthwhile and allow some player progression without hurting their guild treasury. It will also allow guilds to exchange their resources and go after different maps in GvG as they now will have the resources to pursue Colo or lower era for example.
Not open for further replies.