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Guild Forum Removal


FoE Team
Co-Community Manager

Dear Kings and Queens,

In October last year, following improvements to the Message Center, we decided it was time to remove the Guild Forum. However, based on your feedback, we decided to take a step back and postpone. We did this in recognition of the reaction, as well as acknowledgement that further improvements to the Message Center were required in order for us to contemplate the removal once again.

Following our recent additions to the Message Center, it is now at the sufficient stage that we are comfortable removing the Guild Forum. While, we believe it is now time to remove the Guild Forums, we wanted still to provide you sufficient notice of this change. Therefore, please be advised, that Guild Forums will be removed from Beta on the 25th of March 2021, and live markets on the 22nd of April 2021.

Before then, it is recommended that you copy all Guild Forums threads into the Guild tab within the Message Center.

In addition, to notifying of this change, we also would like to provide further transparency on why we have now decided to remove the Guild Forum.

Since its release in July 2020, it has been our goal to improve the Message Center and replace Guild Forms, thereby enabling our players with a superior and more streamlined means of communication. Following recent improvements, we have hit that milestone, therefore there is no further reason to delay the removal of Guild Forums.

In recognition of how far the Message Center has come, we have a list of improvements since its release;

  • We added categories allowing you to group conversations into Guild, Social, and System.
  • We expanded Guild conversations, allowing Guilds to have multiple threads at once.
  • Important Conversations were added, allowing players to mark conversations that they most valued.
  • The limit of Important Conversations was expanded from 5, and now the player can have as many Important Conversations as they desire.
  • In addition, to Important Conversations, Favorite Conversations functionality and filter was added. Allowing players to be able to mark and prioritize the people they want to communicate with.
  • We implemented a Hide functionality and filter, allowing the player to hide irrelevant conversations, as well as organize their Message Center better.
  • Players also now have the option to 'Ignore' others.
  • An edit and delete function was implemented, allowing players to edit and delete previously sent messages.
  • A confirmation window was added to the delete functionality, preventing unfortunate errors.
  • We added a Leave All and Read All function allowing a one button solution to messages in a category.
  • Guild Admin Conversations was created, allowing Leaders, Founders, and Moderators a separate thread to coordinate leadership of the Guild.
  • Along with this, Founders, Leaders, and Moderators were also granted admin rights in managing Guild threads.
  • Players without a Guild are given the 'Join A Guild' screen in Guild Tab, allowing them a quick means of searching for open Guilds to join.
  • A full screen mode was implemented.
  • A combine function was added, allowing multiple messages from the same player to be merged into one.
  • A New Conversations button was added in the action bar.
  • The main Guild conversation was highlighted with a frame, allowing players to quickly distinguish it from other conversations.
  • An automatic deletion process was created, retaining the first 500 messages within Important Conversations, and triggering an automatic deletion process from the 501st message after 60 days.

In light of these improvements, we believe the message center is now the best place to coordinate and communicate during events and gameplay!

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please don't forget to share your feedback here.

Finally, please keep in mind that you can always test our newest features in advance by using our Beta Mobile App. For more information on how to install it, please follow this guide.

Kind regards,

Your Forge of Empires Team.