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Guild Forum Removal - Feedback

If my fingers were as tiny and narrow as the tip of a mouse pointer, and if I didn't get muscle cramps in my hands after 10 minutes of tapping, maybe I'd enjoy playing on phone. Phone screens are too tiny though for a game like FOE imo. Tablets a little better. But no mobile devices beat a big desktop monitor (and a mouse!).
Totally off topic, sorry.
No need to be sorry - you are only speaking/writing the absolute truth.
I also agree with you klods hans.

I have played on my computer- nice large screen, mouse, beautiful color, and my Ipad- still good sized, easy to see and read, really works very much like computer- if there is much difference I have not noticed it. I have tried using the app on my iphone- when I was traveling- and that was awful. Much too small, hard to see depending on the light or lack thereof. I use my phone- cell phone (which does have more power than my first computer did!) for several things but when I want to play COMPUTER GAMES-- I play on my computer and my nice LARGE monitor. If I have to play on an app- I will find somewhere else, and something else to spend my time and money on.

Groovy Prof

Have been trying to transfer most of the information from our guild forum to the messages......
But have now discovered that the information in messages gets deleted ...even when marked as Favourite....
Have one thread called ****TOP TIPS**** for those just starting out in the game or are not that good yet....have posted 23 Top Tips...unfortunately all those up to number #18 have been deleted and so new players don't have the library of knowledge....and it was marked favourite.
In so many ways the forum is superior & was superior to the messages (have noticed that the editing tools have been removed from the forum now!!!)
...But nice to see the editing button now works in messages....all that remains is maybe to add a category of Archive to the messages which are for information only and do not get deleted, possibly administered by founders only?


We have the same situation. Lots on guidance for new members (which I have copied onto a Word doc so can be reposted) but that's a pain.
On seeing your post about making them important I started doing that only to discover that a guild can only have 5 important messages.
If space is the issue all of these help messages are marked Lock Thread so the original message will not grow.
Could it be possible to not delete messages marked Lock Thread?
Thanks for your attention.


Thanks, As I understand it marking a thread as important is the only way of stopping it being deleted in 60 days.
We have about 20 help files for beginners which I have to replace when they get deleted.
These files are never responded to and do not change in size.
25 files that will not delete would be nice.
Thank you