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New Content Guild Expeditions - New Rewards and Additions


Hey guys,

This is a thread specifically for discussing changes to the rewards and some additions to GE. The full announcement can be found here.



Many thanks to the team for coming up with new interesting stuff for the Guild Expeditions, as battling through a whole expedition to win my 20th Watchfire or a tree was a bit of a let down and demotivating. :)


New rewards sound good, as for increasing the boosts for all levels in AF seems harsh. IMO level 3 is about right as it is especially as a new harder level 4 is on it's way

Can the new level 3 boost be announced please?


I love the Artwork... the design team really are very good...


Does this mean the SoK will be available no more??


Awesome design. Love it. Thanks for updating the game with new stuff constantly.
I wish I add more space to build all these new buildings! :D


Increasing Boosts in AF is ludicrous!!! I already get wiped trying to get half-way though 3rd!!!


Have I missed what the costs to the Guild of this 4th level might be?
And why you actually have the guts to think this is a good idea?
. . . . mk
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Great... more pretty pictures and a 50 % nerf on the SoK (whatever you call it now) ... any word on when FoE will address issues such as the fairly ridiculous lags when doing pretty much anything these days?
Somehow I'd be much happier with the old artwork if that meant that I didn't have to stare so much at the little shield in the middle of the screen.


What was the reasoning behind replacing FP packs with FPs direct to the bar? This is distinctly worse than what went before. I see that this same change has been applied to the treasure hunt, rendering this little mini-game now pretty much just a waste of time. GE is still pretty much essential to do, but it seems to be diminished by these changes, not enhanced. Easier fights for Progressive and later are welcome though.


FPs to bar is a disappointing move from InnoGames. The motivation is, according to rumor, that it improves the flow of FPs. It will obviously do that. The interest in "improving the flow" is presumably because it makes players more predictable, and easier to guide into the game functions that are the most profitable, or easiest to provide. That, however, is just another way of saying "it removes the players strategic options, reducing him/her to doing mindless tasks".

For a strategy game, that's not a viable long term, ahem, strategy. The main reason for playing strategy games is precisely the challenge of choosing the right option among many (preferably infinitely many). For some strategy games, FoE among them, rewards for delayed gratification is an essential part; one must plan far ahead, as few things give immediate results. That's what makes us long term players; we stay to see our plans pan out, the GBs starting to pay for themselves, the city we envisioned being realized. Meanwhile, of course, we make more plans, build more GBs, and envision further ahead.

One of the things we plan ahead, is the use of FPs. Using them in rapid FP swap, saving up for a building we're still collecting BPs for, saving so we can reach critical technologies quickly after crossing into a new age, keeping a few in case of unforeseen needs, etc.. Even "sniping" positions in GBs is a legitimate, if annoying, strategy. These are just off the top of my head. A significant number of strategic choices have been taken away, in order to make the players more predictable. Or, put another way, give them a more boring experience.

Edit: Amended an ambiguous phrase.
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I agree with the above poster. FP dumps are not an improvement. Neither are prizes such as extra encounter attempts, or Motivation Kits (LOL). It seems that nearly every time Inno sets out to improve this game, they make it worse. GE was a lot of fun when it first came out. After two rounds of "improvements" I don't care to play it at all anymore. I play on several worlds, and the grumbling about this is loud. Many are thinking about leaving the game, including long time players who spend a lot of cash here. I seriously doubt Inno will consider any of this. But I hope they didn't spend a great deal of time brainstorming these latest "improvements".


Please tell us how much longer you are going to kiss their ass.
. . . mk
**and what is in it for you**
I simply keep it positive and look forward new updates. There is a lot of negativity and it's understandful but I definetly will not waste my energy and time on it. I want to enjoy the game and I will do so even with all the issues.


so the final encounter in AF has attack 250% and defense 250% which is a challenge

level 4 is easy enough to negotiate if you use the extra turn boost from your friends tavern.

my final reward was the terrace farm giving 5 fps per 24 hr


I simply keep it positive and look forward new updates. There is a lot of negativity and it's understandful but I definetly will not waste my energy and time on it. I want to enjoy the game and I will do so even with all the issues.
If you want to enjoy the game "even with all the issues", that's fine. The problem is that you're posting feedback indicating that you find no such issues. That is very perplexing behavior, and useful to no one. Short as it was, your comment was a pure waste of what little time and energy you spent on it. In other words: If you "definetly will not waste [your] energy and time", you should consider either providing some real feedback, or stay away from feedback threads altogether.

There's a reason why InnoGames has this forum and set up these discussions. They want feedback. Criticism and negativity without any specificity or reasoning is useless, of course, and there is a bit of that here. However, even the harshest criticism usually contains enough specificity to be useful feedback for the developers. The frustration among forum users is due to the fact that this feedback is just a part of what InnoGames considers, and the fact that InnoGames are interested in happy players only to the extent that they can make money of them. That doesn't mean that it's useless to give them feedback, though. Some of it will be taken into consideration, to some degree.

my final reward was the terrace farm giving 5 fps per 24 hr
That's not a bad reward at all! Battling a 250% boost is brutal, though. Even the AI can do some damage with that.

Edit: Moved a paragraph.​
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Blitz Epidemic

Warrant Officer
The Future - No changes...This is a bald face lie, the latter part of L3 has gotten immensely tougher. The final battle was always easy for me, now its stupid hard. I had to negotiate 5 battles, even though my attack is 107%.

The rewards are better, for the most part, but I did notice some of the great prizes were taken out and replaced with FP packets. We still have to deal with lots of useless coins and supplies for rewards, I thought you were getting rid of them?