Fixed: Guild Expedition: Missing "House" graphic during battle

Guild Expedition, Tomorrow era, Flash version of the game (I keep forgetting to check if it's the same in the HTML5 version).

A few times now when fighting in GE I have encountered a House graphic that is not displayed. Here are some screenshots:
Missing House.png
Missing House2.png
Missing House3.png
In all three cases the games says there's a house at that spot, but I can't see it.

Since the battlefield is generated at random it does not happen every time.


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FoE Team
Beta Community Manager
Can you confirm which units you are using so that we can try to replicate? Are they the same each time or is there a consistent unit on each battle where this occurs?
I don't think it's any particular unit. In the three cases from my screenshot my army was 1 Anti-aircraft vehicle and 7 Rogues, while the enemy was a combination of units (usually Contemporary and Tomorrow units). I will try to check the next time I use a different army setup.

EDIT: Here's another case:
Missing House4.png

My army: 1 Microwave Blaster and 7 Rogues.
Enemy Army: 1 Stealth Tank and 7 Assault Tank.

Same battle, another part of the map:
Missing House5.png
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Another example, this time from the HTML5 version of the game:
Missing House6HTML.png

My army: 1 Microwave Blaster and 7 Rogue
Enemy army: 1 Stealth Tank and 7 Assault Tank