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New Content Guild Battlegrounds


Chief Warrant Officer
Q: Each Battleground match will be formed by a map with 5-8 guilds that will battle against one another for 11 consecutive days.

So it will be matched guild from specific World only, or its server based like GE (everyone from EN and so on)?

Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
Will the "Extra Turn" boost in the Tavern apply to Battlegrounds in the same way as it applies to GE?
As a general comment, there are now multiple places where negotiation can be used, so Tavern "Extra Turn" boost should apply to all negotiations in the game, not just GE

No, tavern boost only works for GE

Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
After writing all the stuff below I read the annpouncement again and certainly some of the questions below might be off. Sorry.

– Will the guild need a Treasurer to keep track of Stockpiles and donations as it is done in some GvG guilds
or asked in another way, how itensive will the Goods part become? (compared to e.g GvG).
– Aslo in that regard will guilds need Goods supporters/producers to support those doing the battles or ?
It is personal goods for negotiation and treasury goods for placing province buildings

– Seems like participating guilds will need "War leaders" with guild leader status to use the strategic options.
For GvG guilds that is usually already sorted but for guilds that are not GvG warring it will be a new thing I guess (not really a question)
– but it might very well become one for new guilds or?
This is really going to depend on each guild's strategy.

– Lets say a Guild has 50 members, but only 20 participates regulary – are the results calculted per active GbG player in each Guild or for the guild as a whole ?.
Active participants, so it is possible for a Guild with 10 active members to be against a guild with 60 members but only say 10 of them are active.

– Will "Rogue" play be an essential war choice for GbG. E.g 1 unit + 7 Rogue etc. ?
– Asked differently will the Combat Algorithms support Rogue play or if not, then please if possible explain/hint what it will be.
Rogues should work the same way they do elsewhere

– I asked a while ago and got it confirmed. The GB Virgo project will work in GbG – Still Correct?
Yes it does

– Will all War GB´s count in GbG ? or if not, which will and which will not??.
Or perhaps better - what Attack and Defense Stats will affect the GbG game?
The only GB's that do not work, are support pool as there is no support bonus in GbG

Some off topic but related stuff. Has there been anything in regard to a better thread System – since if a lot of guilds will partiticpate and it seems needing some form of GbG leadership (Generals/War Leaders/Treasueres/Goods Production Cordinators) - if so that will put a serious pressure on this current very limited Thread system. One can argue that the top guilds have managed so far, but perhaps that also indicates that only the most dedicated and well structured GvG guilds can manage that, while many others have opted not to go down that road because it amongst other things is a complicated and tideous management effort to make it work. Will GbG require similar leadership effort or less (or I hope not, more) ?.
We have not heard anything regarding the message system at this point. Again, the requirements for leadership effort and roles is going to be dependent on a particular guild.



  • Why is this getting so hard to conquer a province?
    • For every successful action (battle or negotiation), you accumulate one level of attrition. The higher the attrition, the tougher the fights/negotiations will be. The attrition gets reset on a daily basis at midnight (server time).
Not played this new GbG on beta, but i can already tell, that doing such a thing on EN servers, where peoples are sleeping at midnight are very interesting to do. So we need to stay up till midnight so we can fight/conquere some sector with less attrition, or what to do? Please tell us the theory behind this hour.

My proposal is to adjust this timer to real time, like it was on original GvG at 8PM CET time. Just do it 1h before or after 8PM CET so its not the same like at GvG, when everyone are at homes and up, not like at midnight....oh my :lol:
Remember this is an international server not a UK/Europe server. I personally quite like the midnight attrition reset because that is between 9am and 11am for me depending on time of year. But I understand the issue. I had previously suggested guilds nominate their attrition reset, or like Daily Rewards, players nominate their own attrition reset.


actually doing the battles at midnight after reset is terrible

you conquer a sector at midnight. it is protected for 4h
and at 4am you will lose it.
and if you don't have battles left you are screwed

reason is simply
you had the sector for 4 hours
your opponent then for 20 hours

Deleted member 112124

My Guild and I are too weak and unsynchronized for GvG so I'm looking forward to giving GBG a go. At worst, it will cost a bit of time and I doubt we could get very far because we are few and in different Time Zones.
It will be interesting to having a look at the features at least. Thanks to the Devs for making the effort.


Chief Warrant Officer
it is world based rather than server based to my understanding.
Can you please check this one? Because if it World based, there is mainly 1-3 great guilds per World, others are way behind, that means the best 5-8 would be at the same group like forewer...thats why it will be like GE where it is way more balanced?


that means the best 5-8 would be at the same group like forewer.
actually the lower half of the top league would change places regularly with the top half of the 2nd best league

because in lower half of the league the guilds gets minus points in the hidden rating
and top half in 2nd best league gain points

thats why it will be like GE where it is way more balanced?
no it is not balanced very good

or how can it be that in one week you are facing an opponent that does over 130% and next week your opponents are all below 80%
And if you are in the best guild, who do GE+GvG+GbG+Settlements+everything, what to do then?

Its like you buy smart TV, and you just not use Smart functions, because you not have time..in this case i would buy cheaper TV. So we "buyed"/started to play FOE, invested years of gameplay, and now because it is to much of everyting Inno force us to quit? Makes this sense? Some of us are not using just half functions...if you can use something use it.
if your not doing anything theyll probably kick you,just find a guild that suits you better if your not into all the add-on junk

if they took away something say like gvg and your into it,thats probably time to quit,i was going to quit over the 3 reset times(i can only do 1 to me no point taking part) but have found another server that siuts me better,it means i've wasted time effort money on existing towns here,but wot the heck,i dont give a toss about farmville gbg poop


Inno isnt forcing you to do all of these addons you can pick and choose the ones you want to do depending on your game time,if your in a guild that wants too much input with GE/GBG you can give them the boot and find one that suits you better or start your own,,,GE/GBG which will be very heavy on your resources could mean you going stagnant with the rest of your game
That's right. I wonder why are you then keep grunting against GvG recalc time changes, Inno isn't forcing you to be on all of them.