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New Content Guild Battlegrounds


Chief Warrant Officer
the only changes that are needed in this gbg thing, is players attitudes,
do you really want to be a winner but only so long as another guild helps you to win ?
do players get any pride out of being winners but they know they can not win in there own right ?

its players themselves who have to change and want to fight fair and be the best there is and not because other guilds help them

so do players want to be little pip squeaks who can not win in there own right ? or do they have any pride and want to win or there guild win because THEY ARE THE BEST ?
sadly this game just gives players way to cheat or manipulate and the really sad thing is these players then try to brag about being winner when they know they could never do it on there own


I used to spend many many hours watching gbg flags, and it's so annoying, so boring,
I very close to stop to play because of it, they (inno) should modify the GBG system

My idea for that:
(Turning a Farming zone into a Real Battlegrounds!)

** Keep Sames Sectors,
** 160 Fights in Diamonds, Up it to 500-600
(as a reasonable number, cuz some sector are linked to 3-4 more sectors,)
** Change closed time from 4h to 6h or 8h, (It will mitigate time who people need to spend watching flags)
** Remove 3 Slots for the build, keep only 1 or a maximum of 2. (3 if a One is defense slot for Traps or Fortress)
** Not allow more than 2 construction as the siege in one attack builds (It will break a `Farm Abusers`, and make it a real Battleground. )

Currently in 1-2 days in GBG,, swapping you got more than a 1-month reward of Arena.
Camon Inno!
It`s time to rework a bit more!!!



I know no ones talked here for like, awhile, but still wondering if we will ever get an load-icon that auto flips to take/locked that we can place over zones like the focus target/closed icons we have so far :)


Just a comment I know that GbG is supposed to be a battle but sometimes it gets dominated by 2 guilds that agree to take/swap sectors and they cut out everybody else.

Suggestion: Make the length of time a sector stays open random that way they won't be able to coordinate they're "collecting times" so easily and gives guilds "not in the alliance" a fair crack. Otherwise you end up with 2 powerful guilds very easily dominating the whole season, reaping 95% of the rewards, which I reckon wasn't the intent!! This will still allow alliances, etc, but might make it more tricky to completely wipe out the season for everybody else!!

Or add a new effect to maybe the virgo project(?) where you have a random chance "of exploding a number of sector's armies" depending on level giving you/your guild a head start, that'd be quite funny and random...


Hey not been keeping up, are we getting x-server GBG yet?

Cause like, GE includes all American and EU servers for it to work, imagine if GE was always against the same guilds as well.
I want to know which guild was the best from my world last tournament? But I can't know this because in my world there are 3 or 4 diamond leagues. Why the last and most powerful league is not only one?

What guild won the most diamonds league in the last months? Neither this I can't know because this game doesn't keep any history record of the winners.

Guys the way GBG is made is not competitive at all, is just farming.