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Guild Battlegrounds

Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager

Hello Queens and Kings,

In the past few months, we have been thinking about what to do with the current browser-only feature: Guild versus Guild (GvG). Since its release, we knew GvG was a very complex feature, in technical and usability terms. We know that this, along with its many issues and lack of scalability, has rendered GvG the one feature that is used by only a very few of you out there. Less than 5% of you are playing the feature, while for Guild Expeditions it is 10 times more. These numbers clearly show we can do better - our aim is to provide you with a more approachable, understandable and technically stable gaming experience. Forge of Empires has evolved over the last few years, as has the game team, and we want every feature in our game to be appealing to, and for, as many of you as possible.

With that in mind, we raised several questions that we would like to share with you to explain our next steps on how to improve the overall Guild gameplay experience:

Would participation rate improve if we added more maps for the “new” ages?

By our calculations we can say it won’t. We can see from migration into new ages that players who play on the All Age Map stay the same. by adding additional age maps, we wouldn’t increase the number of players. We also wouldn’t be solving the issues with maps from the earlier ages not being used. So, we decided against taking this step.​

Would participation rate improve if we added the current GvG feature to the mobile client?

Yes, it would. Would the experience overall be much better than on browser? The answer is unfortunately, no. Technically speaking, there are too many restraints to offer a convincing experience on mobile. So, also here we decided against taking this step.​

Can we improve the current GvG – System as much as we would need to, to provide the experience we aim for in general?

Scalability - When we designed and implemented GvG five years ago, it was not planned for Forge of Empires as a game to have ages past the Future Era. Therefore, when Arctic Future was implemented, the All Age map was added to try and get around the issue of an ever-growing game. Unfortunately, adding new maps would mean redeveloping the entire map system, for rest see above.​

Code Base – Let’s simply say it’s complicated.​

Complexity - The current feature is not easy to understand and get into for players, especially new players. There is no tutorial, it's a lot of effort for players in earlier ages, and it's not self-explanatory; to name a few weaknesses. If we want to increase participation and make GvG a more used feature for everyone, we have to make fundamental changes, which as mentioned above are barely possible based on the current implementation.​

With everything above in mind, we believe the right path is not to bring GvG to mobile but instead to develop a brand-new Guild feature to run alongside it, on all platforms. We do NOT plan on removing GvG. So, we are going to develop a new feature containing several strong elements of the current browser GvG but we also will add additional layers to it and shape it in a comprehensible and accessible manner. Besides that, and over the next few months, we will, however, spend additional time to improve the technical stability of GvG, because the efforts we put into analysis the whole topic made some good improvements visible, that we would like to implement for you.

Overall, we hope you understand our reasoning for this step. We spent months in validation, thinking and technical talks and clearly think this is the right step, to take.

On the design of the new feature, we would like to include your feedback as much as we can. Therefore, we are going to share the concept with you. Share your feedback and let’s talk about your thoughts.

To start off, we would like to get your feedback on:

1. Does this concept excite you? Do you think it's a worthwhile addition to the game?
2. What can be improved upon? And how?

Please leave your feedback in this thread and we'll look into your ideas and opinions. We'll collect feedback for the next two weeks (until 3rd June 2019), integrate feedback into the concept and share an update within 3 weeks (by 10th June 2019). We will also hold a live Q&A on Facebook & Instagram on the 22nd May 2019 at 17:30 CEST (15:00 UTC). We hope you understand the reasons for this step and look forward to your feedback. Forge of Empires is played by millions of amazing players and together, we will make it even better!

Sincerely yours,

Your Forge of Empires Team
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Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager

Guild Battlegrounds

In this section, we will explain to you the current state of the concept, which we call "Guild Battlegrounds".
Please keep in mind that this is work in progress and it will not be in a finalized state until we gathered feedback from you, the community, to make potential adjustments.

What is "Guild Battlegrounds" about?

In this new feature, all guilds who want to participate will be matchmade into various battlegrounds. Each battleground is its own map that holds five to eight guilds and will last for ten days.

Within each battleground, the participating guilds will fight for victory by holding as many provinces as possible for as long as possible.​

Battleground Gameplay

Each guild starts at the edge of the battleground map with a province, which cannot be taken from them.

From there, they can start conquering adjacent provinces. To take a province, every guild member can click on an eligible province and either perform a fight or a negotiation. These fights and negotiations will always match the era of the player who performs it, allowing every guild member to participate in a feasible manner!

After completing the fight or negotiation, the member will provide his guild with an advancement point, which will be visualized on a conquest flag (see image) on the target.

The first guild to accumulate enough advancements will gain control over the given province, whereas all other guilds that tried to conquer it as well will lose half the advancements that they have made towards that province.

A province that was just taken will be under lock-down for a few hours, giving the new owner some time to get victory points (see section below) and to allow them to decide for province buildings (see section below) they might want to build.

Keep in mind that there is no means of directly defending a province your guild owns.
In this concept, defense happens by being aggressive! So don't forget to bring your best warcry!
What you can do to defend yourself is to try to take the province of an attacking guild before they are able to take yours. In this case - if the opposing guild loses all adjacent provinces - they also lose all advancements that they have made towards your province.​


In Forge of Empires, we have vastly different players with varying levels of army boosts. Our goal was to reward heavily invested fighters, but to also limit everyone's amount of daily fights. Simply to make everyone's contribution relevant and to make your decisions where to invest your actions strategical!

In that sense, whenever you complete a battle in the context of a battleground, you build up attrition!
This is a percentage value that directly affects the (attack and defense) boosts of the defending armies that you will face.

So at some point, performing attacks will become unfeasible as the defending armies become too strong, attrition will be completely reset to 0% each day!​

Province Buildings

Each province will have one to three slots for province buildings. Each province building will affect its own or even adjacent provinces in a special way.
For instance, they may make attacks from that province easier or make it harder for your enemies to take what's yours.

Any member with the "leader" role can access provinces of their own guild to decide which of the available province buildings they want to build.

However, each province building takes time to complete and will cost guild treasury goods to be constructed. The costs will depend on the magnitude of the given building.

If a province gets taken over, each province building that was being built there has a chance to be destroyed. The remaining buildings will benefit the new owner.​

Winning A Battleground & Rewards

The leaderboard of a battleground gets dictated by victory points, which is automatically earned by every guild once per full hour.

The amount of victory points gained depends on the provinces that a guild holds. Provinces towards the center of the battleground map provide way more points than those at the edge of the map!

You can see the current levels of victory points for your specific battleground at any time, listing all participants and their current ranking.​

When a battleground ends, guilds may obtain various rewards which depend on placement:
  • Prestige Points for the ranking
  • Guild Power
  • Each member will get fragments for a completely new, upgradeable building that will provide Guild Power, Guild Treasury Goods and Forge Points

Forge Point Loot

Apart from rewards for your guild, there are also individual rewards; whenever you contribute an advancement (by fighting or negotiating), there is a chance to loot 5 Forge Points!​

League System

Just for this feature, we will introduce a shiny League system.

According to a guild's performance, they can climb the ladder to join the highest leagues.

Guilds start off in the Copper league and can advance to Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond league.

A guild's league will be shown in the global rankings and also affects the magnitude of their battleground rewards, so it always pays off to push for getting into a higher league! Performing poorly in a battleground may also make your guild drop in leagues!

When assembling new battlegrounds and doing the matchmaking for you, we will pick guilds which are of the same league to make up for the most intense and fair fights!​

Battleground TL;DR (Summary)

If the above is too much text, here is the summary:
  • 5 to 8 guilds fight on an instanced battleground for 10 days (and then get new opponents)
  • Winning / losing a battleground affects the league your guild is playing in, and the rewards you get after the 10 days
  • A guild's league dictates which opponents they will face on their next battleground
  • Victory is decided by gaining victory points from holding provinces on the battleground map
  • To conquer provinces, guild members perform battles or negotiations
  • Provinces can be customized with province buildings, which are unique boosts for this new feature
  • All guild members of all ages will be able to provide a valuable contribution for their guild


Please keep in mind that these images show the feature as it was envisioned so far, but they are work-in-progress and all elements are subject to change!

Explanation of what you can see:
  • Top left interface: Current league including rank in battleground | Current amount of victory points | Current level of attrition
  • Flags: Show which guild tries to conquer which province and the amount of advancements they have achieved
  • Colored medals next to flags: indicate other guilds that try to conquer the province. Only the most progressed guild is represented on the flag, secondary guilds are shown as colored medals next to it
  • Guild Icons: Show starting provinces of the given guilds

Below you can see the contextual menu when clicking / tapping on a province. It will show all conquering guilds in detail and provides you with further options to attack & negotiate.

Please leave your feedback in this thread and we'll look into your ideas and opinions. We'll collect feedback for the next two weeks (until 3rd June 2019), integrate feedback into the concept and share an update within 3 weeks (by 10th June 2019). We will also hold a live Q&A on Facebook & Instagram on the 22nd May 2019 at 17:00 CEST (15:00 UTC). We hope you understand the reasons for this step and look forward to your feedback. Forge of Empires is played by millions of amazing players and together, we will make it even better!

Sincerely yours,

Your Forge of Empires Team
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Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
Some questions and answers

Guild Battlegrounds - is it for guilds inside one world like GVG or different worlds like GE ?
The matchmaking will only happen on the respective world. No cross-world or cross-market at this time.

Treasury - what goods will be paid and how?
The Treasury Goods will be needed to build the Battleground Buildings on sectors your guild owns.
The needed goods will be random, depending on the highest member age of your guild. If one is in VF, than all goods until VF can be used. If the highest member in Iron Age, than only Iron Age goods will be used.

The draft says "guilds who want to participate" - do they have to join or are they automatically put in the lowest league ?
At first they will be put in the lowest league and need to fight their way to the higher ones.
If a guild is not active in Guild Battlegrounds at all, they will be removed from the matchmaking. If they want to participate again, they need to open the guild battlegrounds and click a 'join next battlegrounds' button or something similar.

How does Attrition work? Is it player based or guild based?
It is player based and only applying to battles, not negotiations. Players with a lot of attack bonus will be able to fight way more, than the ones without or a lot less attack bonus

What time of day would the Attrition points be reset ?
This has not yet been set.

Guilds in the group – Does number of guild members matter?
The matchmaking will be done per league basis. The amount of players in a guild wont matter.

Negotiation goods do they come from the guild treasury or the players
These come from the player.

Is the name 'Guild Battlegrounds' definite
This is a working title at the moment

What about support pool bonus from Observatory, will it be usefull or only limited to GvG?
Will not apply to Guild Battlegrounds, only GvG

Are the rewards/points in Guild Battlegrounds influenced by the level of the participating players?
The player age doesn't matter. Victory Points per sector will be given for the time your can keep a sector. Rewards will be given depending on your rank after the battleground was closed and the league your guild is in.

Mixing existing 'Guild Leadership' with 'Battleground Leadership' for Building management. Can they be separated or use 'Trusted' for Battleground, as was the case in GvG?
We will be thinking about a new role specifically for managing battleground buildings.

What would be waiting period for players who changed the guilds (96 hr current wait time for GvG)?
If a guild gets a new member for battlegrounds, the new member has to wait for the next battleground to start

Will the costs of building province buildings prevent guilds with few members from participating?
If their stocks are low, they might not always be able to place buildings, that is correct.
But that will not lock them out of the feature, as province buildings will not be the all-determining factor.

How will Guild Battleground's ranking points work with GvG ranking points? will they add to each other (like GE giving extra guild power) or be replacement for GvG?
The battlegrounds feature will allow to gain more prestige points.
These points will depend on the league of a guild.

Will it be possible to play new style with allies or it is going to be very individual play style?
Guilds can agree to have a non-attack treaty when they end up together in a battleground.
For now, no explicit alliance system is part of this concept.

Negotiating speed is not even close to auto fight speed. How does this affect the option to battle or negotiate
Negotiations will presumably provide a bit more advancements (= progression points) per successful negotiation.

How will small guilds with less than 10 players will be able to fight against big guild with 80 players without losing for sure?
The big guild will be in a higher league and the small guild in a lower league, so once the leagues are sorted, the differences should not be too vast.

To help make Battle Grounds a "level playing field" can you restrict players to only use armies of their age or lower and no higher age troops than their current age? Players can walk through GE with army of higher age troops than their current age.
Attrition will handle this. A player with higher age units might be able to do a few more battles, but it should not be an issue. It will be looked at if it does become one.

Would "special goods" aka Oricalcum/Promethium be required to negotiate for players in AF/OF/VF ?
No, special goods will be excluded from Guild Battlegrounds.

Will more guild levels be added? Currently some guilds are at max level .
Yes, more guild levels will be added.
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Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
How much will this battleground prestige influence guilds ranking in its world. Will it be the same as GvG, more or less? That part will also make part in deciding how much guilds will focus on it compared to GvG
The amount of prestige gained will be similar to what guilds can gain in GvG, given the guilds invest a similar amount in each feature.
For instance, a guild in diamond league will be granted a similar amount of prestige as a guild that is in the Top 5 in GvG.

Will global chat be added to the mobile to facilitate guild coordination or is this each player does this on their own time
Mobile Chat will not be added as part of this feature, but from the Beta stage onwards we will look at how much communication is necessary and how we could help with that.

Is the Negotiating part C-map way or GE way?
Like in guild expeditions, so it's a minigame.

Will the eligible province always have one wave fights or could it include 2 waves?
Currently we aim for 1 wave fights mostly. Maybe there will be a chance to encounter 2-wave battles occasionally

How many armies per province? 1 set/ 2 sets or will it be 8 sets (GVG)?
Players do not set up a defense, as they always fight an NPC controlled army when they want to provide progression points for a specific "conquest flag".

What happens if multiple players (same guild or different guilds) try and take same province? Can multiple guilds simultaneously attack the same province?
There will be a progression bar shown, when multiple guilds try to conquer one sector. The one reaching the needed amount first gets the province.
As each and every player has their own battles / negotiations to solve, they can attack one province simultaneously.

Unlike GVG there is no need to move HQ correct? A guild can keep on expanding their territory?
Each guild has a home province which can't be conquered. So even if they loose of other provinces, this one will always be theirs. And yes, they can conquer every sector/province on the map, except the other Main/Home provinces of the other guilds.

Will Guilds have a minimum amount of members required for GB, or can one-person guilds partake
There will be no minimum amount of players.

What happens if a guild is closed after the beginning of the battle ?
Then that guild will be removed from that battleground.

Do we know troops we will fight before the fight (like in GE), or not (like in GvG) ?
Players will be able to see the troops beforehand!

How many fights will we have to win to take province 80 like in GVG or less or more ?
This is not set yet, as balancing happens once the concept is finalized

Will it have only one composition on a particular province (like in GE), or not (like in GvG with plural armies on defense) ?
After each fight (regardless which province you have attacked), the next defense army is selected (and it's set for you as a player, not for your guild). That composition will stay until you managed to beat it.
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Hello Queens and Kings,

Our sincere apologies for being slightly late on this one but it's for good reason.

The feedback and considerations that we have received from every community have been phenomenal. The level of passion and commitment that you all show to Forge of Empires always humbles us, and the level of detail and thought that has gone into feedback and suggestions has taken us a little longer than we anticipated to sort through. From all of us here in Forge of Empires, thank you!

Before we start to give you all a further update one very important note to one of your most named concerns: We won’t remove GvG. Please don’t worry about that.

Okay, now back to your feedback and ”things we considered”

The feature should allow small and big guilds to compete fairly against one another.

There have been different suggestions around this topic and we consider the following way the most valuable path: Managing a big guild successfully takes a lot of effort and skill and Battlegrounds should reward going for this extra mile. This means that the more members a guild has, the more likely it is for them to get into higher leagues. Also, thanks to the league system, guilds will only fight against guilds of the same strength, so smaller guilds will fight against other small guilds.

Allow individual guild members to decide if they want to participate in the Guild Battlegrounds.

We feel like this inhibits the accessibility of the feature, if a member misses the window to participate then we'd be blocking them from the battlegrounds for up to 14 days, which is not desirable. Conversely, if a guild has several members who can sign up on behalf of the guild, then all guild members can participate at will. All guilds will be able to compete with one another, regardless of guild size.

Attrition should count for negotiations too.

Thank you very much for that one, we absolutely agree and we'll apply levels of attrition to both negotiations and battles.

Attrition reset should not be fixed, but rather decrease over time, to avoid issues similar to the GvG daily calculation.

Currently we don’t foresee any similar problems. We are designing the feature from scratch, based on our latest standards. That means we are very confident to provide the technical structure that is needed for this feature. If the worry is due to only having activity around the time of the reset, this is strategic. You may want other guilds to do their actions first, so that you can counter them later. However, we will observe the behavior on beta and see if we need to make changes to this system.

Random goods for buildings could be a problem for many guilds.

We believe that as costs are randomized there will always be something that guilds can build; having looked at guild inventories, we've seen that a lot of guilds have a lot of goods from a lot of eras so we're not anticipating this to be a problem. It should also help bring relevance to the goods of lower level eras for higher level users.

The amount of progression to take over a province (advancements) should be different for each league.

Once again, thanks for the feedback, we had a mechanic like this in mind and your feedback has helped us to settle on it. The different amount of advancements required per league will make sure that the pacing (how often provinces change owners) will feel roughly the same throughout all leagues.

The support pool bonus should have a function for this feature.

We'd prefer to keep it separate, as GvG and Guild Battlegrounds are very different features we don't want to mix up bonuses for them. However, we'll see what we can do in the future in terms of applying certain bonuses to the Guild Battlegrounds feature.

Things we want to look at for later

Add an alliance System

An amazing idea, however for the initial version we cannot add this, but it could be an interesting addition later on.

Contribution tables for guild members

This is also a good idea and we want to add it, possibly later on, to the feature.

Things we rejected

Being able to attack only sectors adjacent to your unprotected sectors would get boring. You should include something similar to HQ move in GvG so guild can progress a bit further at once. And also it could lead to possibility of developing different strategies than just spreading from one point as much as possible.

We're designing the map in a way that this will not become an issue, since all users start in the lower value provinces on the outer ring and try to move inwards, there will always be many available options to spread out (both easy and hard).

Allow guilds to choose their starting location.

This shouldn't be necessary as we're designing the map in such a way that we're sure we can provide a fair base for each round. All guilds will have a fair and equally distributed starting location.

Add cross-world leagues

Definitely an interesting thing to consider for the future... Unfortunately this would be a huge technical challenge; Guild Expedition leagues only communicate points across servers which is not a lot of data. Having real-time PvP data sent across multiple servers, trying to keep everything in sync would increase the scope of the feature incredibly.

Add fog of war and scouts

There's already quite a bit of strategic uncertainty in the feature. We even discussed this point internally, but stepped away from it on the initial version we want to deliver.

There's a worry that you will have to be online 24/7 to protect provinces, etc

Players actions are soft-capped via attrition, once that cap is reached then you cannot perform anymore actions, on that day, without significant cost in units or goods, therefore there's no reason to "watch" the battlegrounds anymore. It's also performance over a battleground period that counts, not the actions of a single day.

What happens next?

Well, in short, we'll develop the feature.

We'll start the development of Guild Battlegrounds very soon, with the aim of releasing it on our Beta server towards the end of this year. It will require a longer testing period than normal there to make sure that we get everything right for the live release. In the meantime, however, we will share regular updates with you on our progress and some sneak peaks into the feature. Once we get closer to the beta release date, we'll send out more information on how you can enjoy the feature on the beta server.

Of course, please feel free to discuss the mentioned topics in this thread!

Sincerely yours,

Your Forge of Empires Team