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Guild Battlegrounds Update 2021


GBG 2021 Banner.png

Dear Kings and Queens

We are happy to announce some significant updates to Guild Battlegrounds are now coming to you! With this update, it will include a completely new map, new reward buildings, and a new display of Guild Battlegrounds Leagues within the Guild Overview! In addition, we have also included some quality of life improvements, which were implemented based on collected suggestions from our communities. We cannot wait for you to jump in and play!

The update for Guild Battlegrounds will be available starting December 9th!

New Map - The Waterfall Archipelago

Combined Map.png

Spawn pointsDetails
spawn points.png
  • hexagon
  • 5-8 guilds
  • 61 provinces in total
  • 3-6 province neighbors.

With hexagons, we were able to fit in two more neighbors (rather than 4 previously), ensuring more strategy will be needed in terms of facing off against opposing guilds!

The maps will be alternating and world specific, meaning your world will play the same map at the same time, and once the season is over, you will alternate to the other map with the next season.

Important info - On the Water Archipelago, there will be a different set of personal rewards gained from fights and negotiations!

Improved Province Names

We have also tweaked the naming system for the map, so it is now easier to coordinate attacks and know which specific province you would like to take an action against.

Prior to this update, each province was identified by a letter and a number. The letter indicates the direction and sector (i.e D is Southwest sector), and the number of the ring the province is in (i.e 1 is ring 1). With this update, we have implemented the following:

Province Names.png
To allow you to be more accurate in finding the province, we have added a letter, to indicate the position of the province within the sector and ring.

New Reward Building - The Great Elephant

That is not all! If you manage to complete a successful campaign within the new Waterfall Archipelago map, you could earn yourself fragments of the selection kit for the'The Great Elephant', building! The Great Elephant is a 4x3 building, upgradeable up to 8 levels. As you upgrade it, you will receive different bonuses including: a coin production bonus, forge points, as well as goods to the Guild treasury and an increase in Guild Power! Lastly, and most importantly, there is also an attacking bonus for your attacking armies!

On its eighth and final level, you will meet a choice. A choice which reflects the variety of roles the elephant has held throughout the ages! Will you choose to employ your Great Elephant in battle, trade, or support? With these three brancheable choices; the decision is very much in your hands!

Elephant's RoyaltyThe Elephant's BazaarThe Elephant's Citadel
Unimaginable wealth awaits you with this choice! Receive an improved coin production bonus and increased Forge Points.You are a trader by nature and also a team player! Receive increased Goods in your Guilds treasury!Forget the others, it is about the attacking boost! It is time to ride into battle with the increase attacking bonus for your attacking armies. You will not be stopped!

Important info - The Great Elephant reward set is specific to the new map (Waterfall Archipelago), and will not replace the reward set for the previous map (Volcano Archipelago). Therefore, you can still win the Statue of Honor and Road to Victory within the previous map!

Chain Building Addition - Iridescent Garden

Yet, that is not all you can win from a successful campaign! Indeed, diamonds and platinum league Guild participants can also win fragments of the Iridescent garden. With enough fragments, you can construct one of three possible appearances for the building, and bolster the stats of your Great Elephant!

Chain Building Addition - Iridescent Garden (2x3)

Once connected:
  • Happiness Bonus
  • Defensive boost for the attacker
  • 3 Goods
  • 1 Forge Point

Important tip - As this is a chain building, it will need to be connected to the Great Elephant to receive certain bonuses.

New Display of Guild Battleground Leagues In the Guild Overview

To help track your progress in the Guild Battlegrounds — as well as seen your Guild's past successes — we have updated the Guild menu to include a new ranking display! This can be found in the following:

Global Tab.png

New Rankings display.png
This includes details of how many times your Guild has a won in a Battleground, as well as the amount of Guild league points held.

If you hover over (or tap) on the Guild Battlegrounds display, you can see the pop-up which shows your Guild's participation (i.e. how many Battlegrounds your Guild has completed in their respective league).​

Important info - Information within Guild profile menu will only display once your Guild has completed the minimum number of action points (40 total). Action points are granted for completing battles (1 point), and for successful negotiations (2 points).

Quality of Life Improvements

In addition, to updates we have already mentioned, we have also included a couple (often requested) quality of life improvements, which we gathered from across our communities.

Firstly, we have updated the HUD to include more details about the individual sectors. You can toggle this information on and off by using the following:


Toggle view on.png
Once toggled 'on', you will now have a display which shows the province name (e.g. A5B), as well as the number of total available build spots.

Targeted and Ignored.png
When toggled 'on', this view will also display the Guild Shields, as well as which provinces are 'Targeted', and which are 'Ignored.'

Important Tip - While this view displays Guild Shields, province coordinates, as well as 'Targeted' and 'Ignored' provinces, there are also important relevant information in the other view. Therefore, it is worth toggling 'on' and 'off.'

That is not the only quality of life improvement we have included, in this update, we have improved Battleground logs to include further information:

Battleground Logs.png
When a province is conquered by your Guild, your Guild will receive additional information regarding which player did the last action to conquer. The Guild that the province was taken from will also be displayed (unless it was not held by a Guild, and then, only the name of the province and conquering player will be shown).

As a further update to Battlegrounds Logs, we have also implemented an 'Intruded' log, which will show players that have taken an action against an 'Ignored' province. Therefore, letting your Guild know who is disobeying instructions!

Important Info - In terms of the 'Intruded' log, it will only display to own Guild members, and only on an individual Guild member's first attack of the day on an 'Intruded' province. Further attacks during the course of the day on the same province will not trigger logs. However, another attack on the next day (on the same province), will trigger another 'Intruded', log.

We hope you very much enjoy our update for Guild Battlegrounds in 2021! What features do you appreciate the most? Please let us know by providing feedback here!

If you haven't already, please also check out our release video for the feature!

Finally, if you have not already, please join our Facebook Group It is the perfect place to learn more about Forge, as well as participate in other activities like contests!

Your Forge of Empires Team
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Guild Battlegrounds Update 2021 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will the old map get replaced with the new one? No, they will alternate. This means the map will change every season. After playing one map, you will then play the next with the coming season.
Will I be able to get the Statue of Honor, and Road to Victory?Yes, with the previous map (Volcano Archipelago), you can win both of those. The new Great Elephant prize set will be exclusive to the new map.
Are the personal rewards after a fight/negotiation the same as on the old map?No, we have a completely new set of personal rewards to be gained on the new Map (Water Archipelago). Play to find out more!
Why is no one displayed as 'Intruder', when there were some fights on a marked sector?Currently, only the first fight per player per day is logged. This means, that if someone already did a fight on the same sector during that day, that it will not be logged. Only if another attack is launched on the following day, will the Intruder Log once again trigger.
What exactly is shown in the guild profile, and why do the numbers in the popup differ from the ones in the profile?We updated the guild profile to show how many battlegrounds your guild has won in each league.

The Popup will show how many battlegrounds your guild participated in each league.