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Guild Admin Conversations - Feedback


So far as I can see, the main feature of the new admin threads is that all admins (presumably) get automatically subscribed to them, so you don't have to worry about keeping them up to date.
Otherwise I rather prefer having the admin discussions simply as a group message on the Social tab, where they don't get submerged below endless other guild threads. (I suppose that was the point of creating a special 'filter' for them, but it's easier if you don't have to filter everything out before they become visible - and people aren't likely to keep filtering to see if that one thread happens to have been updated recently, so admin questions/announcements can get missed altogether beneath a mass of swaps/trades/levelling etc.)


Same something went wrong. Everyone in the guild can see the Admin msg (with the badge). I could only see admins in the group when I created the msg & now it shows the whole guild.


was looking good for about 4 hours ish on today's test. but whole Guild added by 4.5h. although hasn't auto given everyone admin rights this time (yet).


Only message 501+ will be deleted after 60 days... as i understand it
I hope your guild doesn't have 500 messages worth of rules :P
But I am not making anyone memorise them, they can always read them again.

On a serious note, I misunderstood that part and decided to ask for clarification.


Chief Warrant Officer
Admin thread doesn't work
It should not have been released with such a serious bug that is total breach of security for the guild admins
lol i bet its been great for the guild members to be able to read guild admin posts, just imagine if any of them are jumped up self important type of people and they could read what they are really like lol best laugh i have had in ages thinking about jumped up guild leaders getting shown up to there members by there own hand