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    This guide is to show you how the Treasure Hunt works, a description of the prizes for each chest, and the values for each prize in each chest :D Note I used a format similar to Akbhoy's guide here for the chests, but I tried my best to keep it my own. (Note it got even more similar due to coding problems due to the Xenforo migration.)

    [​IMG] Getting Started
    The treasure hunt becomes available when the technology of cultivation has been researched (in the 3rd column of the Bronze Age technology tree). Once you have researched the technology, you will now see this icon on you main city screen:

    [​IMG] How it works
    Click on the captain to enter the treasure hunt. You will see that there are 6 chests: 5 mins, 15 mins, 1 hour, 4 hours, (2nd) 4 hours, and finally the 8 hour chest. You may only sail in that order, or restart from the beginning at any chest. Now, you should notice that one of the chest will have a button that will say "Collect & Restart" or "Collect & Continue". When you click on the button, you will receive a reward:
    If you had to collect and restart, you'll notice that the 1st chest (the 5 mins) starts counting down. Once it reaches 0, you will see the button that will say "Collect & Continue" and also there will be a new countdown right above it (for the 1st chest, it will start from 1 hour). This new countdown is the amount of time you have to continue your journey to the next chest: if you don't make it in time, you will have to restart all the way back to the 1st chest. If you do collect & continue in time on the 1st chest, then you will see the 2nd chest will now count down.
    Just like the first chest, you will have 1 hour to collect from the 2nd chest once it's timer reaches 0 in order to move on to the 3rd chest, or else you will have to start over again from the 1st chest. This process will continue until you reach the final chest, at which you will have to collect and restart, so you can do it again! Don't be discouraged if you have to restart before then since you have unlimited tries ;) Now you should notice that you will get a greater reward from the 2nd chest compared to the 1st: the further you get into the Treasure Hunt, the greater the rewards will be!

    [​IMG] Prizes
    Coins are one of the main resources of the game that are primarily obtained from
    residential buildings (a.k.a. houses)
    Coins are one of the main resources of the game that are primarily obtained from
    production/supply buildings.
    [​IMG]Forge Point Package:
    Forge Points (FPs) are used to research technologies and level up Great Buildings. A
    forge point package can be found in your inventory, and will add forge points to your
    forge point bar when used. A small forge point package adds 2 forge points to your
    forge point bar, a medium FP package adds 5 FPs to your FP bar, and a large adds 10!
    [​IMG]Goods Package:
    There are 5 goods you find in each age, and they are used to research many
    technologies, negotiate sectors, construct Great Buildings, and even more! A
    goods package awards each good of the player's current age (i.e. in the Bronze Age,
    you will be awarded 5 Stone, 5 Lumber, 5 Marble, 5 Dye, and 5 Wine if you win 25
    goods). Note that the goods package always goes straight to your stock, which can
    be found by clicking on your Town Hall. If you are in the Modern Era or above, you
    will still get current/refined goods.
    Blueprints are essential for Great Buildings. When winning a blueprint, it will be a
    random age (ranging from your current age and below) and random spot. You can read
    more about Great Buildings by clicking here.
    [​IMG]Medal Package:
    Medals are used to unlock Victory Expansions in your build menu. When you win a
    medal package, it is added directly to your medal stock, which you can see next to
    your supply and diamond stock at the top-left corner of your screen.
    Similar to goods, there are 5 (normal) units you will find in each age. All units are
    categorized into Light, Ranged, Fast, Heavy, and Artillery, and each age will always
    contain one of each (in the 8-hour chest, each type of unit has a 5% chance of being
    won which totals to a 25% chance of winning a unit. They are used to fight neighbors,
    fight through sectors on your map, and even more! When winning a unit, you should
    be able to hover your cursor over it to see the stats on it.

    [​IMG] Chests
    The prizes for each chest are shown below. Your rewards are dependent in the age you are in (BA stands for Bronze Age, IA stands for Iron Age, etc.), and which chest you are collecting from.

    You may need to scroll right to see the Arctic Future for the last two chests.

    1st Chest - 5 minutes - Collect before 1 hour in order to continue (Spoil Time)

    2nd Chest - 15 minutes - Spoil Time: 1 hour

    3rd Chest - 1 hour - Spoil Time: 1 hour

    4th Chest - 4 hours - Spoil Time: 4 hours

    5th Chest - 4 hours - Spoil Time: 4 hours

    6th Chest - 8 hours - (No Spoil Time)
    **There is currently a 15% chance of getting a Surrogate Soldier and a 10% chance of getting a Recon Raider
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    Just wondering, do you guys think this should be in the best guides section and/or be linked with the Table Guide to Everything?
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    I would vote separate in Best Guides w/a link.

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    Good guide, but why isn't treasure hunt available on Android app?
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    The treasure hunt for the mobile apps has not yet been fully developed. There is no set date for its implementation yet.
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    i still don't see the treasure hunt on mobile. any update?
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    byordie - great posting, really simple and clear
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    Oh no, not another thing where the advert to play this game on a mobile is a lie. All one can really do on mobile, is play part of the game. To play the game, one must play it on a browser (on a PC? I've not heard of any Mac or Unix players) and maybe enhance one's browser playing by also accessing parts on a mobile. To have promoted this game as an app game is mendacious.