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Guide to the Journal Section

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Guide to the Journal Section

Hello, and welcome to the journal section. In this forum you can inform and update other players about your experience and progress in the game. However it is not limited to this... It could be a new player posting on how he is progressing or a Guild announcing new joined members. You can post hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, all time increments are allowed. This enables other players to follow your progress.

Section explanation:

Journals: This section is reserved for Player and Guild journals. Only the thread creators can post in the threads below.

P.png Journal Topic examples:
  • Post victory stats
  • Post progression
  • Post village expansion
  • Post weekly activity
G.png Journal Topic examples:
  • Post new members
  • Post major victories
  • Post defeated enemies
Journal Responses: This section is reserved for comments regarding the entries in the Player- and Guild journal sections. This section uses the traditional journal settings. Select a response or thread from the journal sections and add a comment.

How is this section different in comparison to the other forum areas?

The posts in the Foe journals can only be manipulated by the thread creator. This allows players to post in their journals without encountering any comments from other players, which gives the journal a very clean and private feel. The journals may be viewed by all players, but only the creator of the thread can actually post in it.

How do I leave a comment about someone else's Journal thread?

It's simple, the Journal responses section is calibrated to allow feedback and comments. Simply quote a section from the journal you wish to comment on and create your own thread about it.

Why not allow player feedback in the Journal thread entries?

This way the Author of the journal can choose to look for feedback about his/her thread in the Journal responses thread or simply ignore it at his/her leisure.
Not open for further replies.