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  1. Bewildered Zeratul

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    May 12, 2018
    I know this is an old post and "implemented" which means, like, "closed", but, a brilliant idea lighted upon me that is related to this one, i.e.,
    There should be a Great Building that boosts the army's AI.
    This applies to both the attacker and the defender.
    For a defender, it is always the AI doing the fight for you.
    For the attacker, AI is at worker as soon as you click "Autobattle".
    I think the current AI is intentionally made stupid. Surely the programmers can do much better. They just chose not to.
    Think about chess, and think about playing chess against computer.
    There are beginner level, intermediate level, master level, supermaster level, and so on.
    Maybe also the Ultimate level such as Alpha Go.
    Eventually, no human player can win a fight against the smartest level of AI, using equivalent forces (armies).
    When these different levels of AI are in place, a new Great Building can be introduced whose bonus is to increase the smartness of the AI.
    Or, an easier-to-implement approach:
    Only two levels of AI are required: the stupid AI (the current one) and the smart AI.
    And the new Great Building's bonus is to increase the percentage that a computer-controlled military unit should become smart.
    By that time, a player can just enter a battle, click "auto", and sit back and "watch and learn".

    As an example to make the AI smarter, first let's notice that currently, a military unit controlled by AI often attacks the enemy unit who is to act in the next turn. Obviously, the AI unit hopes to kill that enemy unit so that it does not get its turn. A smarter AI, however, can calculate whether it will be able to kill the enemy unit with one shot. If not, it does not attack the enemy unit who has the next turn, but the one who has the next-next turn, so that two adjacent AI military units can kill an enemy unit so that that enemy unit dies before getting its turn. Sounds easy enough.
  2. MP75

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    Mar 12, 2016
    Don't forget The Kraken,it gives a huge advantage to the attacker only and it isn't working in both ways like Arctic Orangery that could be helpful when you attack a player or defend your city !
  3. CaptainJacksparrow

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    Oct 6, 2015
    Iv got to agree that the AI should be addressed. Saying its stupid is being polite.
    For example, even fighting manually i sometimes click on the unit i wish to attack next then click again and my unit then attacks. But lets say im using a Ranger against a Dragoon ( im just using example here ) the ranger has bonus against the horseman and gets an extra defense bonus from forests as well as the hide ability.
    next to the dragoon is a forest and a plain, the AI sends my Ranger to the plain where he has nothing instead of to the forest. and if the enemy has a rifleman who must move next, he shoots my ranger who has no cover.
    This happens a lot with different troops, the AI should send your troop to the position where he has the best boosts.
  4. Bewildered Zeratul

    Bewildered Zeratul Sergeant

    May 12, 2018
    I (think I) understand what you are saying. When you are fighting manually, there are six honeycomb cells surrounding the enemy unit you wish to attack, maybe including more than one that is reachable by your attacking unit. If you directly click on the enemy unit to attack, your unit won't go to the optimal honeycomb cell to carry out the action. (Apparently, it will go to the cell with the minimum movement cost.) (Also, I'm not quite sure. Sometimes if you rotate the mouse / the cursor around a little, draw the cursor closer to any one of the six edges of the honeycomb cell, then your unit will go to a different position, to attack from a different angle. Either that or I'm confusing the FOE battleground with the Heroes of Might and Magic battleground...)

    Contrary to the above, when in AutoBattle, the AI will do the exact opposite, say it's a Spearfighter, or a Berserk. Due to defence boost in forest, the unit will always try to find trees/bushes to hide. Even when the opponent has all Artillary units. So if a tree or bush is one cell (/mesh) away, then the Spearfighter or Berserk will move only one cell / mesh distance, to reach that tree or bush. And it'll take the unit forever to reach the long-range Artillery!

    Nevertheless, all in all, how did I landed on this thread, is that I was searching for info on Saint Basil's Cathedral to see whether I should build it. So that was my starting point, or motive, or intension. I tried to stick to the topic while not giving up my problem at hand, by doing what is similar to the OP, that is, proposing a Great Building, that boosts AI, because, the title says "implemented," like concluded and closed. Provoking a sleeping post and wandering off topic, that's like double crime. So let's forget about the AI and get out here before become arrested. You'll return to the Black Pearl I guess. I'll find my way back to Aiur or the planet Char... where I have some some personal matter to attend to... 8-)
  5. Amy Steele

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    Mar 6, 2013
    All posts above this were copied to this new thread from this one
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  6. Test Ament

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    Aug 8, 2013
    at which level it will attack rogues last and not first ?

    how could he forgot Kraken and co ?
    you quoted something from 2013 where that didn't exist
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  7. CaptainJacksparrow

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    Oct 6, 2015
    Yes, that is correct.

    This is also a good point, iv seen it when iv watched replays of attacks and my units defending actions.

    Looks like this has become an AI should be reviewed thread now.
    But if a GB is designed that boosts the AI, how would that work?
    They would have to review and redesign the AI and then format it that it would only become better as your Gb upgrades. ?
    Would it not be easier to just redesign the AI to work better in general ?
  8. PeralelArt

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    Apr 28, 2018
    Well, first, I'm not sure that the current auto-battle system is AI.
    Artificial Intelligence is way harder than you think. AI is self-learning mechanism that will learn from failures and succeeded.
    I don't know about FoE, But I guess that they just have a bunch of "If statements" and conditions...

    An for the idea,
    It takes for the Devs a lot of time just to fix minor bugs, improve the current system and the UI&UX.
    Now you want them to create purely new AI system? I really wish to, but I don't think it's on their priorities, and not sure if it's will be...

    It's also stupid to go with your unit Forward if you know that next enemy's units will be able to wipe you out.
    It's like rushing on 4 Musketeers with 1 normal unit, (The other 7 are Rouges)
    This will cause you to lose. Current "AI" doesn't care about that - therefore, it's not AI.
  9. Agent327

    Agent327 Emperor

    Nov 13, 2017
    It is called AI by lack of a better word. Since it isn't AI it can not be made smarter either. There is even no need to discuss this. It is repeating the same discussion over and over again and nothing will change, cause it can not change.
  10. CaptainJacksparrow

    CaptainJacksparrow Chief Warrant Officer

    Oct 6, 2015
    You are technically correct, its not really AI, More like an automated preset response, ( as you said "if statements" and conditions )

    I DO know what Artificial Intelligence is, as well as how it works.
    Proper AI would send the correct troop forward to take out the single troop and NOT target the rogues 1st every time, and therefore that 1 troop 7 rogue strategy that so many people count on to do their hard work for them would become worthless.

    I just used the term AI as its easier than writing out "automated preset response" every time. ( perhaps we can call it 'APR' )
    I also very much doubt that it will be changed in the near ( or perhaps not even distant ) future, but sometimes they do take note of things and do change them, we live and play in hope.
  11. Galladhorn

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    Oct 26, 2014
    AI is developing farily fast and very much so in the Game industry as well – Open world games, strategy games etc. But with an HTML5 based game suffering from various Server capacities like with GvG it is hardly a prospect for FoE as is – but one could hope that it could be, because the APR is certainly not really up to par in defense PvP wise. But if something like this would be implemented/updated then various other questions/aspects would arise – like should GE become "harder" as well and to which purposes – better wins etc etc.
  12. CaptainJacksparrow

    CaptainJacksparrow Chief Warrant Officer

    Oct 6, 2015
  13. Bewildered Zeratul

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    May 12, 2018
    I'm not the one who came up with such a name for "the thing", but I learned such a way to address "the thing" from others, unawarely. It seems gamers always say it like that. In such circumstances, AI specifically refers to "computer-controlled opponent" in... (I don't know). And such "computer-controlled opponent" have different levels: easy, normal, difficult, insane, and so on. Or in the case of chess: beginner, intermediate, master... something like that.

    True, it probably is not the focus of concern for developers of FoE. This thing(y) is about the battle, and FoE is a "war game". It's bigger... (flattering)

    It was not my initial intention, either. I was just wondering whether or not I should build the Saint Basil's Cathedral. This topic has a very weak if any correlation to that. -- Nobody asks but yes, I already built it, the Saint Basil's Cathedral. And no one plundered me in the past few weeks, either and I have still built it anyway, just in case. No one plundered me except for one guy, on the last day of the two-week period, because when I click "Revenge" I found out the guy is now in a different neighborhood.

    But, enough with the diversions again. now we are at the topic, might as well stick to it. Now when I think of it, I have always suspected the players in the game with a name of the format "Noun the Adjective" are robots, in other words, AIs. For example, "someone the gracious" "someone the cruel" "someone the just" "someone the vengeful" and so on. I think they are AIs that play the game in a certain way and the Adjective is hint, for example "someone the vengeful" surely will always plunder back if you plunder him/her; and "someone the builder" would only care about building their city and do not fight.

    A hint can well be taken from my name, Zeratul the Bewildered, for sure.
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  14. bradype

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    Jun 3, 2018
    Tavern boost to upgrade? 2 levels only needed (already designed (map and classic)).
    With GB -1(0000000000000)
    No, they are just people who haven't chosen a name.
    (If sceptical you should know that @Alexander the Noble 519 successfully passed a very hard I'm not a robot test of my composition on his 1st attempt)
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