Do Not Suggest: Great Building that super-boosts your selected army members

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Proposal: A Great Building where players nominate a number of existing army(numbers increase with GB upgrades) to make unavailable fora period of time while the GB 'upgrades' those members as a once-off.

Have you checked the forums for the same or similar idea
I can't find this specific idea
I dreamt this idea (sad, I know) and I awoke still feeling pretty excited about it. I think if the reward is a temporary once-only battle, it won't make existing military GBs obsolete.
I think if the reward was was a once-off until players resubmit their army, and the number of army units is upgraded strictly with GB upgrades, it will be a valuable building.

Visual Aids:

Balance/Abuse Prevention: make the boost a once only use. The upgrades increase number of military units only. Significant time without those units needed to make it work.


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What Not To Suggest?

Please note that any other ideas along the same lines will also be moved to this forum, and not forwarded, so it's in your own best interest not to suggest any ideas similar to these.

In particular, please do not suggest the following ideas, as they will not be implemented:
  • Ideas to make yourself richer.. or make the game easier. The game is meant to be played over time and is meant to have a lot of strategy to it.
  • Better units to fight against other units (ie no monster/super units that can sweep all others). New units ideas must be balanced with existing ones.

  • Suggestions for new Great Buildings

Test Ament

come back when you have all your attacking GB at level 80 at least
and then tell us if you still would build this GB
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