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Goods can be a confusing aspect of the game especially as you progress through to Modern Era, and understanding how the boost system works. So here we will look at them in as much detail as we can. For the types of goods buildings and their boosts you can click here.


As you conquer the Continent map you will come across this type of symbol on certain provinces. These are boosts for a specific good. You may think what it is the difference between a boosted good and unboosted good and that is a good question. The answer is the amount of goods your goods building will produce. A boosted goods build will produce many times as many goods and it is therefore recommended you only place buildings for which you have a boost. You can trade for other goods for which you do not have a boost.

To tell if you have a given boost for a build you can look on the Continent Map but the fast way is on the build menu and look for a green tick:

Modern Era Onwards

Once you reach Modern Era production of goods changes. Your Great buildings will start producing goods from three eras below your own, but at double the previous rate they were producing at.

Your goods buildings will be boosted by goods deposits from eight eras below your own. However you will also need goods from three eras below your own era. These goods are now known as unrefined goods and are required in exchange to produce Modern Era goods. If you wish to produce 20 of a particular Modern Era Goods as an example, you will need to have 20 of a particular Colonial Age Good.

Special Goods

Promethium and Orichalcum are special goods produce in Artic Future and Oceanic Future respectively. The production of these goods requires a new building to be built for each. You then send out a vessel to search for them. The amount you receive depends upon how many upgrades you have researched for the building and the crew you send out to search. Each crew member has their own set of skills and cost goods from the Artic Future or Oceanic Future to use.


Is the game designed so that nobody's maps contain the resources for both the unrefined goods and the boost?