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New Bug: Getting out of coin and supply rush item bug


FoE Team
Forum Moderator
  • World: Langendorn
  • Browser and Version: Android game, v1.198.16
  • Overview of the bug: As supply rush items can now be used consecutively,running out of them while your productions timers still haven't been completed with used items will cause that popup with supply rush usage prompt be displayed again, despite the fact that you don'y have any more of them in inventory. If you press "Yes" button, confirming that you wanna used the supply/coin rush item makes the game freeze and then crash.
  • Screenshots: Sorry, but don't have any.
  • How often this occurs: It occurs basically every time when I want to use supply rush items when one or more aren't enough that my productions be completed.
  • Urgency: Low urgency, not a game breaking bug.
  • Preventative Actions: I just keep an eye on how many supply rush items I have from now on, If I spend all and I still get the prompt to use the item despite not having it, I close the popup prompt.
  • Summary: When you run out of supply/coin rush items when speeding up productions, instead of the game getting you back to your inventory, it displays prompt for another one of those items that doesn't exist, and clicking on "Yes" leads to game freezing and crashing.
  • I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Yes
  • Have you tried fixing it by using these methods? Yes

Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
Thank you. Would you mind sending in a tix so we can have a look at your account? I've had a report of something similar but not quite the same ;)