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General Feedback

Z Grade

This is going to cover as much of the game as I can squeeze into here, mostly saying what I like, dislike, and including my​
suggestions. Keep in mind this is the impression I get after only about a full day of playing, and reading several threads on these forums. Generally, I find that the game will get real slow, real fast, especially in terms of resources and troop training. I seem to find that it jumps too far too quickly. I understand that it's slow to make people think more, but looking at it from where I am now, I fear future ages.
To start with, let's take a look at research. I really like the look of that big tech tree, because I like to research things. However,​
from reading posts, it seems that things start getting nasty about a little more than halfway into the second age, which I believe is called the Iron Age. From what I heard, and will soon learn for myself once I get some more supplies, goods generate incredibly slowly, especially without a bonus from a territory. From what I hear, it's 4 hours for 1 good. It appears that archery requires 36 marble, and you cannot get much further in the tree without researching archery. This will literally freeze the research of anyone who isn't planning ahead, or who hasn't bought diamonds, for several days. More on that later. Forge Points (FP) are well-balanced at one point per hour. I would like it to be faster, but that's just me being greedy. I would suggest more techs along the line of increasing production values, troop stats, etc, but such techs shouldn't show up until the 4th Age in my opinion. Now, back to the relationship between goods and techs, and some scenarios.
At 1 good per 4 hours, it would take about 144 hours to produce enough marble for archery with 1 building and without bonuses.​
That's 6 days, and this is only the second of 5 ages. If you did not plan ahead at all, it may have been a bit difficult to put in 1 of those 3x3 buildings that require a good 108 population, likely sacrificing one of your supplies buildings. But wait, there's still more goods that need to be produced for everything else! Maybe those expansions, however expensive they were, would be useful. But wait, you don't have any left. Well, maybe you could research agriculture or sewage? Wait, how many goods?! But I need those expansions to get those goods buildings! *rage-quit* I realize this scenario is pretty much the worst possible scenario, and probably won't happen all that often, but there will be several rage-quits or diamond purchases. Heck, I was thinking of skipping the tech Growing before I read some of the forums. After I read a few threads, Growing was the next thing I researched.
Now, those who plan ahead likely attempted to get 2 of each goods building, if they could. However, each goods building needs​
108 population (pop), which means you need 4 chalets (the best house for pop when you can get your first goods building) for 1 goods building, with 20 leftover. If you want 2 buildings for every type of goods, you need 33 chalets. However, you should have a bonus, so if you're thinking, only 9 goods buildings are (supposedly) needed, which means you need 31 chalets. Some may have a second bonus, but this will assume you only have 1 when you're constructing your first goods buildings, and that bonuses double the production rate. That said, houses don't improve in pop until the Iron Age, and you're going to need 24 dye to unlock the tech Procession that unlocks the tech Cottage for the real good improvement, not to mention the 15 stone needed to unlock the tech Architecture needed to unlock Procession. So you really need those goods buildings now.
Anyways, you're not going to have a whole lot of space yet either. You start off with a 16 x 16 square (256 space). Before your​
first goods building, you can get up to three 4 x 4 (16 space each) expansions, and another shortly after (64 space total). So we're now at 320 space. But wait, your Town Hall is 7 x 6 (42 space). So now we're down to 278 space. We are going to need enough space for 32 chalets (2 x 2 each, 4 space each, 128 space total) and 9 goods buildings (3 x 3 each, 9 space each, 81 space total). That's 209 space, leaving us with 78 space, not mentioning trails, for production, military, culture, and decorations. You can probably get away with not building many culture buildings, but that's still a lot of buildings that you need to build. The best production per space at this point is the Fruit Farm, which takes up 20 space. The give 130 per hour, so I'd like 2, which would leave me at 38 space, and we still haven't factored in paths, military, or decorations, assuming we don't build cultural buildings. Let's assume we're going to need 20 paths, now we're down to 18 space, enough for 2 Spearfighter Barracks. Yeah, essentially, early on, if you plan on playing without diamonds, you're going to want to sacrifice either happiness or troops.
So, how many FP does it take to get to one of these expensive techs, for example Archery, after you have built your goods​
buildings? For the shortest route (not suggested), about 150. For the more thorough route, it would take about 170 FP. That's 170 hours (or a little over 7 days), which means that, if you plan ahead, you'll be fine! If you purchase exactly 26 FP, that'll mean you'll have just enough marble when you get to Archery! This completely wrecks the prepared scenario I painstakingly prepared for you before thinking about FPs!
So I guess I overdid it a bit with those scenarios, but you can see how nigh impossible it is for the unprepared player. So now,​
let's look at troops. Well hey, here's a nice, reliable unit, the Spearfighter (Spear). Cheap, quick to produce, reliable in battle, awesome! Only real threat are the warriors, but Spears are so easy to reproduce, you can just overwhelm the enemy. To be honest, I just love these guys. So let's look at the next unit available, the Slinger (Sling). Oh hey, a ranged attack that's not too bad. And they're strong against warriors too? Awesome! Cheap-ish too. Wait, 1 hour per unit? Didn't Spears only take about 20 seconds? That's like, a 18000% increase! (180x) Well, how about Horsemen (Horses)? Fast, good for those annoying Slings, and also better than most for the even more annoying Stone Throwers (Throwers) of the enemy, sounds good. Wait, 4 hours? And they can't travel over swamps or rocks? (I came across a map that had a full line of swamps, rocks, and lakes once, except for a bush at the bottom. You can bet I didn't see the bush until the battle was almost over) Oh, and they're not very cheap either, though it's not bad. Costs are well thought out, at least at this stage. Times, not so much. Theoretically, it will get way worse before this is over. I figure Throwers will take about close to a day. We still have 5 ages to go people, this will take nearly forever by the end. There is a chance that the next level of the troop (i.e. Spears to Soldiers) will take as long as the previous level. If that is the case, then the times are actually fine-ish. But if not...I'm probably not going to be playing this game long, and I doubt I'll be the only one.
Not really going to bother with a scenario regarding military buildings, I figure I wasted your time enough with the scenario for​
goods buildings. So, let's move onto the battle system, which, in my opinion, is awesome. I love playing chess, and this is a lot like chess. Although, I find the defensive bonuses to be funny. We have plains (the unnamed areas), swamps, hills, rocks, bushes, forests, and lakes, yet so far I've only seen the bushes and the forests give defensive bonuses. Let's see some variety! Like say, have swamps take away 1 defense (any more would be a bad idea), and how about hills give a range boost to short ranged units? (They might, haven't tested yet.) Rocks could possibly give a small defensive boost as well. Oh, and try to avoid almost a whole vertical(well, where all the hexes are touching) line being taken up by rocks, swamps, and lakes except for a hex on the very bottom or top. That makes horses almost useless. Almost because they're fast, but because of this they won't reach the enemy until about the same time your other, slower units do, which makes their speed moot in those maps. A map preview option (only against NPC's though) could be another option. Not a bad idea either really. But I digress. The battle system is splendid, just don't click finish battle instantly too early, cause the AI's an idiot. You'll be better off doing it yourself.
I don't really have anything to say about supplies buildings, cultural buildings, or decorations at this time, besides the fact that I​
need more supplies buildings. I'm kinda out of time for today though, so I'm going to add a pair of placeholder posts as a just in case. So if you need clarification on something, ask! If you have an experience or statistic that you think will change my opinion on something, share! Tomorrow, I'll go into Diamonds and their slaves buyers. I'll also likely edit this, make it less of a wall of text, and more like something that won't burn your eyes, and maybe add some jokes too, way better ones than the ones in these last couple sentences.
Goodnight folks!


Thank you for your post. To address your issue about goods, you have not explored the option to trade with other people. Trading allows you to build selected goods and trade for the ones you are missing. Therefore you do not need 4-5 goods buildings in your city.


........We have plains (the unnamed areas), swamps, hills, rocks, bushes, forests, and lakes, yet so far I've only seen the bushes and the forests give defensive bonuses. Let's see some variety!..........
I'm guessing those areas will give selected troops an advantage/disadvantage as the game evolves, why else would the devs have given those hex-fields names? Same goes for the 2 empty boxes in your bottom left menu - me votes for a building's inventory ASAP :)


Thank you for your post. To address your issue about goods, you have not explored the option to trade with other people. Trading allows you to build selected goods and trade for the ones you are missing. Therefore you do not need 4-5 goods buildings in your city.
That assumes that the goods are even available in your area from other players. In my area there are few people trading and no one offering what I need so I'm having to very slowly build what I need.

This game is very limited with the current trading options. :(

Z Grade

Having played this game some more, there are several edits I would have to make to my feedback, most notably about goods. The trade system is alright, but relies on others using it within your group of 80 people. If the number of people who view the same market could be expanded, it would be a very viable option, but until then, all you can do is put up an offer and hope you're lucky. And the resource deposits are fairly strong, so it'd be quite easy to survive with 2 goods buildings per age, if trade is available.


ZGrade, thanks for your clear and thorough outlines of things that are distressing me as well.
space for necessary buildings and the goods required to progress are just plain too hard to get.
the marketplace prices are unreasonable; the possibilities for trading with other players are too limited;
and there should be more flexibility in how to increase one's available area - for example,
more quests that offer expansions as a reward, or the possibility to choose between gold or space;
expansions should be available for gold/resources as well as for diamonds;
and the price of expansions in diamonds should be lower (that's why i haven't invested in any diamonds).
also, the negotiations should be more flexible - requiring 10 x Good A or 15 x Good B, or $5.99 + six virgins*
same for the technology advances that require goods - there should be options for which goods to use to unlock them.

* sorry, i just put the virgins in to see if anyone's paying attention
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Thank you for your post. To address your issue about goods, you have not explored the option to trade with other people. Trading allows you to build selected goods and trade for the ones you are missing. Therefore you do not need 4-5 goods buildings in your city.
Maybe if there is a world trade, But the not way is working right now.

The way I see it since I don't have "trees" in the province
I will spend little over 30 days just the get the necessary Wood for the 5 ages(Bronze-Iron-EMA-HMA-LMA)
Since I have wine and Marble those will be producing for those 30 days too. Then After 30 days are done, "recycle" those Goods building and build Dye Works and Stone Mason and spend another 30 days building the materials that i may need for those ages too and that is just the beginning.

That is because the trading relies on the other 80 people on the continent, in wish over 80% are already inactive or going inactive and is only been 2 days and why I have to spend 1 Forge Point to trade wit another player?

Like always I will play & post suggestions for awhile until the fun factor is gone.
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