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GbG limitations


GbG became the place for endlesly collecting points by swaping sectgors. This way, all high ranking players are ones which plays GbG the whole day. Everything else became unimportant. That can be solved by limitting attrition bonus to 50 or 72%. Or better, less. That will prevent endlesly swaping just for points and rewards. Also, leagues should be made by guilds from differsnt worlds, like GE. And make visible guilds rankings through all worlds (for GbG).When you make list of gulds for league, use that ranking and the best guilds will copete themselves. Not endlesly swaps that prevent others to get any fights.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
In order for an idea to be forwarded, it needs to be posted in a required format.
If it is not in the right format, nothing will be done with it.
Even when it is formatted, it can not be on the Do Not Suggest List.
Also it should not have been proposed before.

This is how you propose an idea


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And here you use the forum search function to see if your idea has not been proposed before


Your suggestions have already been made as part of the feedeback for GBG and as such they have been forwarde, so I am archiving this.

Unformatted and already suggested.