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you called me a flamer in an other thread ? maybe its your who enjoys to flame or control the actions of others ? cry babies springs to mind
your attacking players on their messages, and i clearly see no one is happy with your flaming, and seems like you enjoy it, sigh......i guess you like to be a troll in games lol


It's ridiculous this is a thing. Absolute abuse of game mechanics... You know your GBG opponents in advance whit this great feature and when you see there will be no opposition you send your members to allies so they can maximise farming. Next time if you see your enemy will be with you just pull your members and allies into your guild.

Someone should already be sacked after this many fails in the last year and a half


Chief Warrant Officer
your attacking players on their messages, and i clearly see no one is happy with your flaming, and seems like you enjoy it, sigh......i guess you like to be a troll in games lol
you seem to guess a lot ? you certainly enjoy calling anyone a flamer me ? ice ? i wonder who else you try to make out are flamers just because they poke fun at you ?


Even better fix is to eliminate SC so that a strong guild cannot just sit and take over a bunch of sectors at once. Make them work for it, gain the attrition and then have to sit and wait for the reset. Allowing 0 attrition allows one very strong player to be as strong as a guild - since they only need to have a very large supply of troops and that person can sit there and keep taking over all sectors by his/herself. As well, a guild that gets too far ahead of everyone else in VP should have additional attrition placed on the guild,
Totally agree however it will never happen....One word....DIAMONDS.


if this algorithm continues, i would admit the time when there were only gvg were better, whats the point of gbg if 2 guilds always win and win and the other just always lose or pushed back?
I sort of get this StarLord. Our tribe have recently made it to Platinum level, not sure how, but we have. Essentially we have around sixty members of which eight are true fighters and two are negotiators with the remainder being farmers, diamond farmers, builders (contribute through Arc or Observatory) and many non active or active once or twice a month (not a problem as our tribe was created to take refugees)
So what we have found is that there is some serious mismatching between tribes. In the current season one tribe has completely dominated the centre sectors we have clung on to the base sectors D4 etc for our quadrant and are fighting very hard to hold on to them and another tribe might as well not have existed from the beginning. My question is how did the algorithm work out that we should be in Platinum level? cos it sure doesn't feel like it.
I was wondering why it took so long for this argument to come up. Numerous players did quit because of the new PvP tower. Numerous players did quit because of the RQ delay. Numerous players did quit because of the 2000 abort limit. With all that, it is amazing there are still players in this game at all.
I don't think majority of the experienced players are naive enough to advise they'll quit playing the game based on Inno's inability to understand the issue. We will just stop buying diamonds to use in GbG. I won't stop buying diamonds altogether as I do enjoy the events. However, if the finance department at Inno's HQ see's a significant drop of money coming in, I'd assume they'd want to know why. I mean it's common sense, isn't it? If you get paired with the same guilds round after round, what's the point? It's the challenge that makes it fun. Taking the randomness out off it basically takes the fun out of It.

Might just be me though. I will see who our matchup is next round, if it's no different, then Inno will see a small difference from me not buying diamonds.


I assumed that the point being made was that people threaten that there will be a mass exodus every time something happens that they don't like, and yet no mass exodus is ever actually apparent...

In the case of GBG, I think that what is much more likely to happen is that people will decide not to bother, because farming the same sectors with the same guilds every round is about as interesting as aborting thousands of repeating quests a day (the quote I found particularly telling was the suggestion that lesser guilds should aspire to being permitted to farm by a bigger guild in the top league - what sort of ambition is that supposed to be?)
Can you show me the quote?
no wonder why people call you a flamer, knight of ICE LOL
Now he's Knight of Water.
normally i just laugh at peoples moans about the game but the point you make about being in the same map with the same guild for 3 MONTHS !!! and there able to keep you out of it does it seems to be a valid complaint,
i didnt know guilds would be placed together repeatly for so long ? there is one answer make sure you lose points so you can move down ? and get away from the guild that you say can bully you ?
So if you just laugh at everyone else's complaints, can we laugh at your complaints?
Our guild's GBG experience has been ruined over the past few months. We have consistently been matched with dud guilds that don't belong anywhere near diamond league. These guilds can neither compete with us nor swap with us. This is absurd and not fun. We have to sit around for hours and hours for any of these smaller guilds to take sectors from us so we can have something to hit later.
We're not even trying to boycott GBG but these stupid match ups force us into a place where we literally have nothing to do on the map.
Another simple fix would be turn GBG into a world GBG a bit like GE ,17 worlds top15 guilds out of each world ,would mean a long time till you face the same guild again


This has been proposed several times ever since GBG was in beta. It's still a good proposal though and maybe worth repeating again and again.
as long inno breeds inactivity on cooper and silver, there is not point in waiting anything positive change on GBG.

imagine a C league team which would go to Champions League, not because of skill, but because of match ups.

how rare that would happen on a real league, and how often it happens on FoE ?

and meanwhile, out of everything, they had to match the guilds with ID's.

makes 100% sense.

they have 400 staff, let them play the game on their own, they are far more than the active players are


This has been proposed several times ever since GBG was in beta. It's still a good proposal though and maybe worth repeating again and again.
In what way is creating a multi-server realtime battle a simple solution? How will they handle communications?

Simple is returning to the old algorithm. Simple is not treating all 1000LP alike; instead also taking the position achieved in the last battleground into account (only for the matchup).

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
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This has been proposed several times ever since GBG was in beta. It's still a good proposal though and maybe worth repeating again and again.
Add cross-world leagues

Definitely an interesting thing to consider for the future... Unfortunately this would be a huge technical challenge; Guild Expedition leagues only communicate points across servers which is not a lot of data. Having real-time PvP data sent across multiple servers, trying to keep everything in sync would increase the scope of the feature incredibly.