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Do Not Suggest: GbG based on defense boost


Now the complete FoE game is based on attack boosts, investing in defense doesn't make a lot of sense.
However it could be a gamechanger to have mini-games that rely on defense boosts.
In GbG you could switch between attack and defense boosts. Eg, one month based on attack boosts, the other month on defense boosts.

To make players also invest in defense. It could be a big gamechanger, making the game attractive because other skills could be developed.
You can also see it in another way. The guild occupies a sector and then the other guild attacks it to hold it. So you have to defend.
In this defense you could have the specificities of the defending guild, so the opponent will get the first turn.

At some times you use the attack boosts like now.
At other times you will use the defense boosts. and let your army behave as a defending army.
So in automode your army will behave in the same way as if that army was in the defending place in the current GbG
The period you hold the attack or defense boosts doesn't matter a lot. You can switch every day, every month or every half year.
I wouldn't switch weekly. Also you could consider to let some guilds play with attack and others with defense in the same GbG. e.g. if your LP-points increase or stay the same at the end of GbG you will play with defense boosts in the next round and if your LP decrease at the end of the league you will play next round with attack boost.
Or the other way around would also make sense.

Balance/Abuse Prevention
No additional abuse, apart from all GbG abuses that are currently already in GbG


I mean city defending army boosts, but I also mean that the first turn will be passed to the attacking army.