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Proposal: add new GB which would act like bank. Namely, on each collection, owner wouldn't get anything, but instead contributors on all levels up to current would receive amount of FP proportional to amount contributed overall.

Reason: increase fun

Details: For instance, on level 10, GB yields 50FP, but distributed among all contributors up to that level according to their total "share".

Balance: The amount of FP distributed would balance automatically as GB grows in levels, since each new level requires more FP.

Abuse Prevention: -

Summary: would be a good addition as a completely different GB.


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See this link:
Most notably,
Suggestions for new Great Buildings


Does the owner get the ability to confiscate some of the buildings of neighbors who don't contribute to their bank and auction those buildings off? If so, count me in


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Thankyou, however suggestions for new Great Buildings are not required at this time.
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