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My proposal is to have the option to hide the Great Buildings from view in our inventory that we currently do not want to build/have no intention of building.

I would like this as I am now at a stage where there are some Great Buildings that I will never build and because of this I have so many sets of blueprints for them that I have to scroll past them to get to the ones I either want to build or unlock extra levels for.

It would work in a similar way to the option that currently exists where we can lock certain items in our inventory that we don't want to see at the Antiques Dealer. There difference would be that the checkbox option for each Great Building would allow it to be hidden from view in the users inventory. On the Great Buildings screen I envisage 2 buttons in the corner placed as the lock option is on the All Rewards tab. One button would be 'Hide Buildings' which would then display the checkbox next to each Great Building. The second button would be 'Show Hidden' to allow the user to temporarily see what is currently hidden. When this button is clicked the checkboxes would appear allowing the user to unhide any Great Buildings again. The changes at any point would be saved by closing the inventory

Visual Aids:

I don't envisgae any other area of the game being impacted by this change/addition

Abuse Prevention:
No option for cheating that I can see


How many forums do you plan to put this proposal?

Every one you can find till you get enough support on one?

GB's are listed alphabetical. How hard is it to find the one you want?
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