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Funny In-game pics


will give ~1.000 words instead of pics, didn't made any !!

Summer Event - Day 1

~3am, thinking to go for a Villa or not, i decide yes
Getting in with ~9.000 diamonds, and start rolling !
some hour ago, i have 8 Villa kits , a couple doublons, and a villa again on the wheel lol
Trying to finish the questline for more chances, while i notice somebody stoles it !!!!
not to say much, i go for sleep with a little bitter taste lol
Wake up today, finish the event questline, make my Pirate thingy lvl9, and keep watching for a villa on da wheel

(and the funny part)

15 Doublons in stock, Villa on the Wheel -- Goes in x10 times - no Villa -- Hoodie Refreshes :@
Plunders Hoodie - Re-opens Wheel - Villa Again - Hits x1 - 9lvl Villa :D:D:D


Warrant Officer
and whats funny about it ? :P
A|A look like special symbols from some translation tool. When strings are translated, due to variance with endings depending on context, you can see some weird stuff if you check translation tool directly. For instance, handling plurals is a common problem in translation. The string "5 seconds" is usually stored with placeholder "%1 second(s)", though you never see %1 or (s) in UI, it's translated into 1 second or 5 seconds. There are languages with 3 forms and I think there's even one language with 4, but don't quote me on that. Not sure what's the variance here though, I'd rather expect to see A|a. In any case, that's something you never see in UI.

P.S. Yes, I know, my definition of funny isn't for everyone :(


You may think I took these at different times but...
Screenshot 2022-05-11 09.40.39.png i look at the dealer and see it open but then...
Screenshot 2022-05-11 09.40.53.png it says that the auction is over.
I took these right after each other these were not taken at different times of day.
I just thought it was funny that that happened.