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Funny In-game pics


Those bugs been about ever since I started and has been missed by the Bugfixers or Upgraders or whatever you wanna call them....
Maybe it's in the to hard basket!? Now we're getting cars everywhere...LOL


diversification for tar plants hit by recession

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 14.31.25.png
this was the second time i saw a car leaving the factory, managed to capture it just as it was fading away.

Amy Steele

Snapshot_2013-09-03_140439 I guess this poor little guy got lost (I was in the middle of a major.png

I guess this poor little guy got lost - I was in the middle of a major redesign of my city at the time....

Snapshot_2013-09-03_140633  and actually found him under my water pumping station - he's still t.png

and actually found him under my Water Pumping Station - he's still there :eek:

Snapshot_2013-09-03_192659 and this guy was so awestruck by the sudden appearnce of my St Marks .png

And this guy was so awestruck by the sudden appearance of my St Marks that he has been standing there for over an hour!
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byeordie - thats because you have let the watchtower man have the night off!



Kind of like what happens when you light that many barrels of oil, engulfing everything into a searing blaze of inferno of death and destruction.
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I was reading french FoE forums through google translate for some reason today. Anyways I found this really cool idea this 1 guy named Sebmoistien had. He started developing a town without ever leaving stone age. He got his expansions from medals donating to GBs and negotiating the map, and goods from helpful friends and FP deals. I know plenty of people have done it with bronze age, but stone age seems much harder and slower to pick up lol. I think he got his first intial goods when he plundered a neighbor after winning a rogue hideout in summer/easter event to get the first units(getting em from sector negotiation would have been easyer imo tho, but I quess he didn't want to use diamonds either). He says his babel gives no goods, as stone age has none, but the income side of bonus from Aachen is appearntly pretty big deal for a stone age player. His town after 5 months on 6k points:


lol, that is quite a challenge, I don't even know if it should be posted here or Best Town in Forge of Empires :p


Oh dear, I didn´t see this thread before, long ago since the last i have so much fun! XD

Billy the Fish

Upon logging in after a week being away from a little lowly town somewhere on F, I was greeted with a joyous sight:

Followed by:

And finally:

All hail to the magnificent defenders... (and only two of those attackers actually retreated)
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