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Funny In-game pics


I don't know if this has been done before... if so, please direct me to the thread and close this one!

If not...

This is a place, where you can post the funny little things, going on in your city... documented with screen-captions.

I'll start with two items (...there's gotta be a lot more to be found) :

Santa is looking for a chimney :

A beheaded man walking around :


LOL. you should have build a gallows next to the beheaded man instead of a roof tile house;)


Yay... you beat me to it ;-)

I also saw the lady walking sideways...



Over roof.png

This thief walked over the entire line of roof tile houses (really). Fortunately a bright villager caught him with this photograph as he is on the verge of entering a house through the attic. He finally turned left and walked down the opposite of the roof back onto the road. I'll be dropping a hint with the gallows.


HAHAHAHAHA ***evil laughter***
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This is not my village, i am happy to say. Its occupants perform several interesting actions for my benefit when i pay them a visit to polish, however. Wonder what they'll do if I attack...

This villager is busy researching treehouses...

Tree house.png

and the tree is getting quite a lot of attention these days. Here we see two villages paying it homage with rapt attention, going against their programming which orders them to stay on the direction of the road with a passion.

Two to tree.png


I just missed catching a villager taking a hike on top of the wall of the archery barracks:( Pity, hopefully she'll repeat the action).


Yeah... I've seen her too..

For some reason, I'm not able to upload pics... don't know why. Neither from PC nor PhotoBucket is accepted by the editor. I'll try again tomorrow...


Keeping lookout from the archery barracks


Chimney cleaning the Glass Blower

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Thank you Farmer... That was the exact same image from the Archery Range, I tried to upload. (That shot could have been taken in my own city, it looks identical)

I really like that chimney cleaning image...

To the Devs : Please, do NOT try to fix these layer glitches... they're too much fun to find and watch! :D


so far its been villagers in funny places... wonder if buildings act up when they feel bored too:) not that u can get bored with FOE:)


maaaan, i just missed THREE villagers on a roof at the same time.....***kicks himself***


very watchful chrome;)

well do join in and find some crazy villagers :)