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Fun with FoE over 5 yrs and Im still here


I have seen players come and go and come back, the game has changed so much in the time I have been playing, I think at one time I had about 6worlds onthe go , My first ever was I think L world on the EN server ..

I started out a real noob , not even sure how I stumbled accross FoE .. Anyway I joined a guild where they all wore the same man with the black cloak and hood Avatar it was 1 of their rules ! The guild was based on the Game of Thrones ... abit over the top for me haha . I didnt last long there and decided to take alook at another World .

"Dinegu" 4 to 5 yrs probably more like 6 I will have to check . ago Where I met long time FoE friends , shown how to place fair trades( I was useless for ages always placing them wrong, getting told off by the old guys in the Guild , Getting my addiction for GvG - becoming a leader and learning most things from Global chat , lurking and asking questions , Global chat back in the day was so busy and funny , all the different personalities . some not so good lol .


I'm back and still going strong in O world on English server , I must say I am super proud of my Guild Fee Fi FOE Fun, we are currently #2 ranked we have 39 members , a few have left seeking new ventures or RL has got to busy .

Our Guild is I think about 4 years old we have always struggled against the big Guilds but held our own and always fought back, I am a big believer in Halls of Fames , to me huge attack and defense % is great . but it the quick thinking on your toes that really counts , split decision making and like minded Guild members is the key , We are not one for strategies or organization .

Keeping your Guild fun / lighthearted , not to many hard core rules is how FFFF has lasted the distance , with great Allies and loyal members .

We come up against our enemies in GBG and they squash us we still give it our best shot , they have huge ranking players and in the first few hours the entire maps are taken . It is hard to keep your Guilds spirit up when that happens , I would love to see GBG become like Guild Exhibition ( over all worlds)

Our Global chat is interesting at times , Guilds being blamed for bot using , I must say the DA's being filled is quite out of this world how fast they do it .

I still enjoy GVG immensely , and like to give a shout out to all the Guilds in O world keeping it alive and fun .

We are recruiting at the moment if you would like to check us out , we have had a few take advantage lately so be prepared for a full interrogation and pat down lol...


I'm back and plodding along with FFFF in O world , super proud as always , but getting tired getting up at 430 am to help out my co founder in GvG every morning .

Thankyou to you, my Co founder and our fearless fighters most days just 2 on a good day about 5 .. we are still managing to hold tight in the top 7 Guilds but its getting tiresome with all these Guilds having sister guilds not one but about 2 or 3 .. Massive ranked players .

I respect Guilds that play honestly and fair . Cheers to all the founders out there that put their precious time into running their Guilds .. It can be tough at times with so many different personalities to deal with ..

Long live GvG :)


Time to give up reset times and start to sleep in , I've made a big decision , and need to change and put FoE on the back foot ,
I'm over trying to compete with how can i say it without getting a warning , individuals taking advantage of a great game , the change has been very noticeable, and I'm over it . Time for this old player to relax , thankyou to all moderators who do a wonderful job . c ya round


A lot has changed since Aug 2021 , it is now June 2022 . my Guild is down to 4 lol, my co founder was fed up , he moved on sick off our useless Guild . not my words . I had made a sister Guild to go to when not so active Guild members could lay there hats Its funny how friendships are made then in the blink of an eye gone .. GvG is pretty much non existent now with just a handful of Guilds owning all land on all maps swapping and farming sectors , how boring .

I am enjoying the Soccer Event, Happy Forging everyone


Back again I had more or less given up hope . getting endless invites to Guilds , 2 members of my original guild stuck with me .. I decided to make it my morning ritual to annoy the hell out of the Guilds in GvG on the AA map , who I don't think are playing how can I say it by the rules .

I came across two players fighting in their own guild in GvG and doing ok .. I'm not one to hold back so I put to them how about merging and changing my mind on GbG ., that was the best move I ever made these two players are the best , they have helped our guild come back , when all was doomed , these two guys who are just amazing have turned things around ,, I've always been and anti GbGer .. but I'm enjoying the game again , and the 1.9 threads are working beautifully .

Thankyou Bobs and Taco , we are now called the ANZACS on the EN server in O world , we are recruiting and things are looking brighter with plans .


It is now 2023 - I have moved to a popular Guild who was once my guilds arch enemy, I am enjoying it so much more, not having the headache of being a founder, my city has grown I have finally finished the SAJM map and waiting on the new era.

7 years you do begin to lose your Mojo, thankyou CAL, a fantastic Guild with great members, you are all the best ♥