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Fun with FoE over 5 yrs and Im still here

A f f y

I have seen players come and go and come back, the game has changed so much in the time I have been playing, I think at one time I had about 6worlds onthe go , My first ever was I think L world on the EN server ..

I started out a real noob , not even sure how I stumbled accross FoE .. Anyway I joined a guild where they all wore the same man with the black cloak and hood Avatar it was 1 of their rules ! The guild was based on the Game of Thrones ... abit over the top for me haha . I didnt last long there and decided to take alook at another World .

"Dinegu" 4 to 5 yrs probably more like 6 I will have to check . ago Where I met long time FoE friends , shown how to place fair trades( I was useless for ages always placing them wrong, getting told off by the old guys in the Guild , Getting my addiction for GvG - becoming a leader and learning most things from Global chat , lurking and asking questions , Global chat back in the day was so busy and funny , all the different personalities . some not so good lol .

A f f y

I'm back and still going strong in O world on English server , I must say I am super proud of my Guild Fee Fi FOE Fun, we are currently #2 ranked we have 39 members , a few have left seeking new ventures or RL has got to busy .

Our Guild is I think about 4 years old we have always struggled against the big Guilds but held our own and always fought back, I am a big believer in Halls of Fames , to me huge attack and defense % is great . but it the quick thinking on your toes that really counts , split decision making and like minded Guild members is the key , We are not one for strategies or organization .

Keeping your Guild fun / lighthearted , not to many hard core rules is how FFFF has lasted the distance , with great Allies and loyal members .

We come up against our enemies in GBG and they squash us we still give it our best shot , they have huge ranking players and in the first few hours the entire maps are taken . It is hard to keep your Guilds spirit up when that happens , I would love to see GBG become like Guild Exhibition ( over all worlds)

Our Global chat is interesting at times , Guilds being blamed for bot using , I must say the DA's being filled is quite out of this world how fast they do it .

I still enjoy GVG immensely , and like to give a shout out to all the Guilds in O world keeping it alive and fun .

We are recruiting at the moment if you would like to check us out , we have had a few take advantage lately so be prepared for a full interrogation and pat down lol...