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Friendship guild - registration open


Hi there , can i join 1347 points and rising (after 4 days of play, i'm quite active) currently trading wine, marble and soon iron etc :)

oh yeah ingame name is SPecs19
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My name is RosieWillow, am at the end in Brisgard and Cirgard so I revived an early start in Arvahall and want to join your guild please. I don't do battle, just make sure my defences are good and enjoy building my town and trading.

Look forward to hearing from you
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would like to join you guild
Average game play 5 hrs
have lumber,dye, jewelry,lime stone to trade
name is Kalyansmagic


I have recently started a secondary account in Arvahall. Mainly inspired by the halloween quest which I wanted to do again.

While it is secondary, I plan to be reasonably active though I will likely only grow at a medium rate, making sure not to skip even the most awkward quests this time.

I will trade at reasonable rates and polish/motivate the guild list at least a couple of times a week.

Regards, Tviorr


I would like to join your guild.
I have some goods to trade.


I want join your guild
My name is Mammoth2014
I would Like to join your alliance can you send me an invite please
Best regards,


I want join your guild
My name is Mammoth2014
I play around 5 - 10 a Day
Best Regards


Hi Kenjiserge

I would like to joint the friendship guild
My Name is MAmmoth2014 from Arvahall
My points are: 9264
I usually for about 5 - 10 hrs a day

Best regards


hi i would like to join your guild, i am online throughout the day for different lengths of time :)
location, Manchester UK
name: justbri69


hi my name is Ryan an I would like to join your guild. Averagely play for 4 hours day, morning and evening


Hi Kenjiserge!

I would like to join your guild. I'm still on BA on this round of the game, but have played before. For me there is other things in life than playing, but when I'm online I'm active and helpful.




I would like to join your guild, My typical online activity is 1900-2100 UK time as well as at other times through the day as and when i can get away from university work.

Game ID: justbri69




I would like to join your guild please. I login daily and like to motivate and polish daily too.

In game name is Solairian

Regards Sol


I have recently formed a guild, Trade Fair, on East Nagach and am looking for members.
Please message me on East Nagach for an invitation.
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