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Friendship guild - registration open


Friendship guild - Together we are the best

I would like to take this chance to welcome all people joined Friendship Guild and others will join in the future.

The name tells everything. The guild is not here for war, it is here to help you and others around you with resources and help needed no matter what ranking you are. Please feel free to give your feedbacks in here or in our Guild Forum, which will provide you with everything you may need :D

If you would like to join the guild, please post your comments here or message me Kenjiserge. I will check and give invitation to you within 24 hours.

Again, warm welcome everyone to Friendship Guild :cool:

Join and check out our cool Guild Forum :D


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I want join your guild
My name is nsav
I play around 2 h usually from 22:00h to 00:00h and 15m from 8:30h to 9:00h
Best regards,


Evening my user name is Tamatoa
from Arvahall
im averagely play 3 - 5 hours at night 7pm - 12 Midnight ish and 1.5 in the morning 6.30am - 8ish am New Zealand time
i'd be interested in joining, as im new to this game play, i dont have too much knowledge of how this works, though i have been told trading is a big key to success in this game, whether or not its true im usure.


Hey could i join your guild, i can't continue developing without stone and i would be happy to trade cloth, lumber or dye for it :)


Hi nsav,
You may find it at your left corner menu (guild or message) and accept it. Have fun.
Hi Baretheon,
Welcome. Invitation has been sent. Have fun.


Hi Kenjiserge,

I would like to join your guild.
Name is bjc358
Im on 3 to 4 hours a day. Time varies.

I have goods to trade,



Would like to join the gild.
Averagely play for 4 hours day, morning and evening CET time
Have marble, ebony, alabaster, honey, limestone and some copper to trade.


Does anyone know if you have to be playing in the same world. Your invitation is not showing up but other ones are ????


You should play on Arvahall as well but not need to be in the same continent. I saw you on my list with 67 point. Re-check your message and guild section for invitation. Have fun.


Hi Kenjiserge

I would like to join if it is good with you :)
I am Skoll ..and usually play for 2 - 4 hours a day


Hi Guys,
I have just added few interesting topic in our Guild Forum. You guys may have a look at those and discuss.
is there need to spam the forums with this every day??? if you want your guild to read it then mail them in-game or something.


Hi iam new to this game any hints tips would be welcome

Shakira :)



You have been told by farmerlynch not to keep posting.
The next time you post this action will be taken.
There is no need for the whole en forums to know you have new post's in your Guild forum.