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Friends tavern & aid automation.

This is to make FOE more user friendly

With the recent more friends patch a way of visiting taverns or giving aids with fewer clicks is required
It has been suggested before many times but not in this specific format and not since the enhanced friend's list ability.

This is a functional change to the way the friend's list is presented so that players can visit a vacant tavern + aid the same player with only one click of the aid button.
An auto-scrolling function to the next player that has either a vacant aid or tavern could also be introduced.

This would have no impact on game balance other than encouraging more players to help others; it would not be possible to abuse as it is not a single click to visit/aid all friends at once.

There could be a different visual aid button introduced to enable a players aid/visit tavern with one click

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
There hasn't been a recent "more friends patch". You could have 140 friends, you can still have 140 friends. That is not even 1 friend more.

You are not proposing anything new. This was even part of the sprint. Same ol' same ol'.
You could have 140 friends, you can still have 140 friends

July 1209 update 2021 About a month old only, many in-game players still don't even realize it happened.

  • Previously, when reaching a total of 80 invited friends, it would no longer be possible to send new friend requests. However, it would still be possible to receive additional 60 friend request invitations. From now on, you can have up to 140 friends, regardless of who is inviting who (meaning you can either send or receive up to 140 friend requests)

Since having 140 player friends make this idea much more urgent - it's now a much more needed idea than before imo.
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Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
Devs are very much aware of this and in the end they will decide if it is urgent or not. Proposing it over and over again will not change anything.
Aww KOI, my friend! it will do no harm, maybe this time they will do something.
I don't think this suggestion is exactly the same as others anyway.


Something needs to be done, there are so many clicks in this game, it is causing strain injuries. Auto scrolling would help immensely with a ‘quick key’ for keyboard users making visiting so much less of the chore it is currently.


In the early years of FoE there was no Aid button. We would have to visit the city, look at the message in the city name bar. Say it was "pol big 1st" we would know that they wanted cultural buildings polished as priority, we would find such building and polish it; 140 times.

140 clicks and some scrolling doesn't seem so bad.
140 clicks and some scrolling doesn't seem so bad.
140 x 2 clicks for friends aid + tavern = 280 + scrolling at least twice = 560 clicks
560 + 70 neighbour aids + approx. 100 scrolls =730 + guild member aids 70 +scrolls = 900
900 +100 further scrolls to revisit unavailable taverns= 1000 clicks/day minimum.

That's bad for doing mindless boring daily chores which in my opinion puts many players off from doing them.


This is a good call. A keyboard shortcut would help too. It is not pleasant for some to use the mouse excessively. I am happy to spend the time doing it, but there should be a more accessible way.


Master Corporal
I still don't see a good reason to not add an Aid All button.
People like spending time on parts of the game: fighting battles, city design, etc. But aiding and visiting taverns is a mindless task that nobody actually enjoys, and that takes several minutes - or more if you have several worlds.
I understand that Inno wants people to spend time on the game. But this seems like the worst possible way to achieve that goal. Give us interesting things to do, not mindless boring chores.
Devs are very much aware of this and in the end they will decide if it is urgent or not.

Devs don't usually make decisions to do with feature changes or ease of use.
That is normally the games producer function, perhaps if he/she was made to visit taverns or aids daily for a month, they might change their minds?

Janet Devlin

I'm not saying I love the aiding aspect of the game though will say I find it useful. There are a couple of reasons I think manually clicking on each and every comrade is advantageous. I do understand how repetitive actions can be boring though. What to do when playing a game becomes more like a chore than a fun or a distraction to real life? Quit? Perhaps quit just that part of the game?

I want to know who my comrades are and actually keep track and review from time to time who is actually active or not active. I sometimes check out their cities. I reduce my list periodically. I do think of the world economy. The more wealth that placed into the world, the more which is automated or a given then the more world inflation will occur. Competition. Allow them to work for it or they can choose to discard it and focus on the other parts of the game.
You should still be able to manually aid friends, either for Truce Tower aiding bonus or RFP passive bonus.

Of course, I never suggested otherwise.
This is not a one-click does-all idea that sets it apart from the others, you still have to get to each individual player before doing anything.
By having auto-scroll or combined aid/visit clicks gets the daily chores done much quicker.

Any Empire

I don't need the coins or BPs, but I’d like to be able to aid my guild mates and friends, especially newer players, more often than I currently have time to do.
Why not make an optional Aid-All button with a cost different than diamonds? Maybe:
1) P/Ms every eligible person on your list;
2) However, by using it, you forfeit all BPs and coins; i.e. you get nothing but a warm fuzzy feeling for helping out others.
Those who only want to help out their guildies and friends can do so efficiently; those who want/need coins or BPs, have the option of doing it manually,
What about a slightly different approach; instead of auto-scrolling/clicking/combining aid+visit in the friends interface, why not add one button the news overview to "reciprocate", thus automating only the aiding/visiting of people you are already actively exchanging aid/visits with?

This will reduce the number of clicks significantly, without changing anything about manual aiding/visiting for 'GB benefits' or otherwise.