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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I find the game rules?

While on the forum you can find the game rules in the Quick Links sidebar to the top right of our home page. In smaller screens this’ll be shifted to the bottom of the website. Clicking on Game Rules under Quick Links will open up the rules in a new tab.


Alternatively you can find them by going to the log in page (desktop) and clicking the dropdown menu labelled “The Game”

or use this link

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Where do I find the Forum rules?

You can find the Forum rules on the main page of the forum in the Quick Links side bar to the top right of the page. On smaller screens it’ll be located down the bottom of the website.


Clicking on Forum Rules in the Quick Link box will open up a new tab displaying all the forum rules. The forum rules are also pinned to the top of the FAQ section.

Or through this link

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Who are the support team?

There is a list of the support team in the Memberst section which can be found on the main page at the top of the forum.

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How do I post a picture on the forums?

Upload Method
Pressing Ctrl V (paste) in the text box will upload whatever is currently copied in your clipboard. You can copy something using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl C while something is selected in a program.

For Mac users use the Command key instead of Ctrl

Important: images above 1MB will fail to upload

URL Method
Click the image icon above the text box

Paste the image URL into the pop-up box

Managing Images
Images inserted through direct upload can be managed in the section underneath where you type your message. You can select between thumbnail, full image or delete. (See visual below)

Clicking on a URL based image while editing your message will allow you to change the image URL

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How do I reply to a thread on the forum?

Scroll to the bottom of the page and where you see "Write reply" start typing and then "Post Reply"


If you would like to reply to a specific post in a thread, click on reply in the bottom right of that post, and that post will appear as a quote in your reply.

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I can't post, I have insufficient privileges?

You can not post or comment on the thread if it has a padlock at the far right the side of the thread title. This means the thread is closed for replies
When you first create your forum account, you can not create a thread or post a comment until your forum account is verified by a Community Manager.
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How do I create a new thread on the Forums?

You can post on the forum by going to the relevant section of the forum and you should see a gold circle with a plus sign in the middle.

By clicking this, it will take you to a page with a text box.


where you input your desired title and text. Once you have done this, clicking "Create Thread" will create your thread that will appear in the relevant section.
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What are some of the different sections for?

There are different sections of the forum which are useful for all types of game and forum topics.

New players may want to begin at the Foe Cafe. The Cafe Counter is the place to ask game related questions. Stop by the Cafe Corner, make new friends and join in the conversation. The Cafe Bookshelf contains useful guides to the games that players have developed over time.

The Announcement section tells you what events and new features are coming to Forge of Empires, what issues have been fixed, and features that are changing.

The Idea section of the forum is where you can put forth your idea that could bring or change new features to the game.

We have a Discussion and Feedback section, where you can create a topic about the game and discuss with other players the upcoming changes to the game. This is also the forum for General Community Discussions which are broader FOE game discussions. The spoiler section can be located here as well, to post spoilers about new features and events currently running on our Beta server.

The Bug section of the forum is where you can report a bug that you find on the game for the support team to look into.

The Competition section of the forum is where you can enter different competitions and win prizes, all these cool sections on the forum are ready for you to explore.

The Worlds section of the forums are for players to post things specific to their worlds. Maybe you want to recruit for your guild, or ask for trading or swap partners!

We have a Journals section where you can chronicle and share with your fellow players your game progress and thoughts.
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How do I get to the wiki?

You can find the official Wiki on the main page of the forum in the top right-hand corner in the box called Quick Links.


Once you have clicked on Wiki it will open up in a new tab where you can find great information about the game.

Or you use this link

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How do I submit an Idea?

You can submit an idea in the idea section on the forum. There you should find a gold circle with a plus sign in the middle in the bottom right side of your screen.


By clicking this it will take you to a text box where you can type up your idea. It needs to be an idea that is not on the "Do Not Suggest" list nor on the already suggested and forwarded list. You can find this information in the Idea section in a sub-thread called Do Not Suggest.

Your idea needs to be formatted properly and should include a poll. You can discover how to do this in the threads called Idea Section Poll and Formats for Ideas. Once your Idea is typed out to your satisfaction click on create thread to post your idea. Other players will use the thread to vote on, discuss and ask questions about your idea
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How do I create a Poll?

You can add a poll to your thread by clicking the "Thread Tools" at the top thread just under the title.

On the thread tools, there is an option called Add Poll, by clicking this it will take you to a page with text box and option.


Once you have entered the text and ticked the options you desire, click Save Changes and a poll will be added to your thread.
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How do I use the search bar?

You can find the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

There are two ways to use the search bar.

The first way is, search for threads and members of the forum just by typing in the text box, for threads click on the title only box under the search bar.

The second way is by clicking on More next to the Search button, which will open the search function in a page of its own.

The search everything tab will let you search all of the forum, with keywords, and threads posted by members. If you know when the thread was created but don't know what date, you can filter the search with dates, by putting options in the Newer Than text box. You also can simplify the search by selecting which section of the forum you would like to search.

Forum search.JPG

The other 3 tabs are slightly the same but simplify what you want to search for more. For example, the second tab only searches threads and post, the third tab searches members profiles post, and the fourth tab searches tags.
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How do I add a spoiler?

Spoilers are added in the text box when you are creating a thread or commenting on a thread. Simply highlight the text or image you would like under a spoiler.
Highlight the text.PNG
Click on the circle with the plus on the option above your text box, on the list should be an option called "Spoiler" with a white flag image next to it.
Spoiler selection.PNG
Once you have clicked spoiler, a pop-up box will appear, giving you an option to add "Enter Spoiler Title" when you have entered the title of the spoiler.
Spoiler title.PNG
Click on continue and you will see {Spolier} at either side of your text or image.
Spoiler tag added.PNG
When you post your comment or thread, the text or image will be hidden under a spoiler which you click to reveal the data.


How do I report a bug?

Please check here first to see if your issue is one that has already been confirmed not to be a bug in the game, but a game feature or a common problem or issue.

Didn't see your issue listed?

Please follow these steps to try and resolve the issue on your own before reporting a Bug:

- Refresh your browser (F5: soft refresh and CTRL+F5: hard refresh).
- Temporarily disable all (Greasemonkey) scripts and browser add-ons.
- Log out / Log in
- Restart your computer.
- Try a different browser - Forge of Empires is optimised for the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, so try one of these if possible.
- Try a different computer.
- Try a different internet connection.

Still experiencing a problem? Checked the bug report section using the search forum function and found nothing? Then please report your issue using the Template below; the more information provided, the better. Please, only one issue per thread!

  • World: Tell us what world you have noticed this bug in.
  • Browser and Version: Tell us which web browser you are using, include the version number if possible.
  • Overview of the bug: Tell us what happens when this bug occurs, what prompts the bug to occur - include as much information about the bug as you can, so that we can address it. The more descriptive you can be, the more chance we have of understanding you.
  • Screenshots: Show us any screenshots that you have of the bug, or any other visual aids. These are often invaluable.
  • How often this occurs: Tell us the frequency in which this occurs or if this is the first time and if it only occurs during specific times. (providing your timezone if possible, or alternatively the time in GMT+1/UTC+1)
  • Urgency: Tell us if this is an urgent bug (game-changing/game-breaking), or if it is just a minor bug (non-game changing).
  • Preventative Actions: What have you tried to prevent this bug from occurring?
  • Summary: Give us a brief summary of the bug.
  • I have performed a quick search of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Yes/No.
  • Have you tried fixing it by using these methods?: Yes/no.

Please help us to help you :)
Post all the vital information at once!

The template above is now embedded in all new bug report threads so it's easy to just fill in all the relevant info. If you don't know which browser or version you use, this information may be found in your settings menu in game.

1. To find your system info click on the "settings" button (small cog icon bottom left) ingame

2. Go to the "about" section. Then click on "copy to clipboard" and paste it here.

copy to clipboard.PNG
This will paste all the information from your settings, so please feel free to edit out any parts that are not relevant or you do not wish to be posted on the forum. The bits we really need are your world, browser, and version, and preferably your flash version too.

Please also let us know whether your Hardware Acceleration was on or off at the time the issue occurred.

Made a mistake? Resolved your problem or realised it wasn't a bug after all?
If having posted your bug report you realise it is not a bug, within the bug report section you may delete your own threads. Don't worry - it happens sometimes, and by deleting you will save us the time investigating your issue :)
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