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Freedom United - a guild with principles open for beginners 1000+


Freedom United - a GvG team open for beginners and advanced players

Who are we?

Freedom United is a GvG guild with principles.

Unlike other guilds we believe that a top GvG guild has to be open for beginners
eager to play GvG as long as they have reached iron age, military buildings and boosted
goods production.

Why the # 2 GvG guild is open for so called small players?

We believe that a leading GvG guild has to help to introduce GvG to new players.
We believe that GvG teamplay has to be learned and accepted from
the beginning. We believe that demanding rules have to be accepted and practised,
and that big score players do not deserve priviledges anymore, but have to support
the small players as well as the team. That is why we kick all those who refuse
to motivate or to polish, or to support our GvG gaming.

Those who purposly polish teammates decorations to get BPs or practise unfair trade
with the fair rates of 0,5 or 1 or 2 within the guild will be warned and
if neccessary kicked.

- Do you agree with fair trade in general?

- Are you willing to P & M teammates best buildings daily?

- Can you leave alone your teammates decorations but do propper polishing?

- Are you a GvG teamplayer, and not one of the many egoists jumping from guild
to guild to seek their best advantage without supporting and donating?

- Are you willing to learn from experienced players, to read in our forum and
to communicate with your teammates daily?

If you can answer 5 x YES, we send you the invitation now!

But be aware, GvG is stress and not easy going fun, it means for example donating goods , troops and time
for a little reward of benefits and ranking. If you are the old fashioned FOE player, who looks for himself
first and for the team second, you will hate guildwars and its growing demands.

Guildwars, you hate it or you love it, we made our choice and you?
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no i dont fit the bill there i am sorry to say, as i am an egotistical type player who believes my skills shouldn't be wasted trying to boost up guilds.
i play single player only as guilds are full of egotistical types of low players who have done nothing in the game other than founder a guild and try to look good on the backs of the hard working player who does push himself onwards and upwards in the game.

long live single player game play ( or for as long as it lasts )

thanks for the post it shows me more why i dont like guilds full stop


Would love to join. Could someone send me an invite?


Hi chilli...,

please read your private message here at forum and answer me in game houndsmoore to save time.

Regarding desypete

He often likes to provoke with his writings and within the same hour he can write the other way round in an other article. For example befor answering here, he wrote elsewhere that he wants to start a ghost guild to kill the big guilds at the landingzones and was asking for other players to join him. Again he has a lot to suggest to make guildwars better, to make teamplay and guilds more effective etc. etc. Intresting how flexible he is, thought he is a solo player who hates guilds, but yet he cares so much about guildwars to run better.
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Hi, I want to be part. I will wait an invitation.


Freedom United we have some open spots. If you want to be a part of great team, contact us.


could we get this thread closed as we would like to open, new fresh one as guild has new objectives and determination?