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Forum Contest: Guess the correct number!

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Dear Kings and Queens,

For the start of a new year, we're offering InnoGames USB sticks (card-shaped) with a capacity of 4 GB!
You can see how they look by clicking on the spoiler below.

The competition is simple - starting on the 27th of January (Wednesday) we will create a new daily thread for the next 10 days where you will have the chance to guess an unknown number between 1 and 5000. After 24 hours the thread will be closed, the mystery number will be revealed along with the winners, and a new thread will be opened.

This is all you need to know:
  • You are allowed one entry every day, unless you're selected as a winner - winners can only win once.
  • There will be 2 winners every day, 2 members who guessed the correct number or had the closest number to the correct number (without going over the limit of 5000).
  • If there are multiple entries with the same number, only the two entries posted first will be counted.
  • The two winners will receive a USB stick (card-shaped) as a reward.

Please keep in mind that this is a physical reward. If you win you will have to give us your address for delivery of the prize. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, it may be best to not take part as there are no other rewards in this contest.

Day #1Mystery number: 4571dean.h & King Lucci
Day #2Mystery number: 1365joesoap & shendar
Day #3Mystery number: 4030Vesiger & akbhoy67
Day #4Mystery number: 895Aurelia the Mighty 136 & Mateo714
Day #5Mystery number: 2704Anomace & Questor the Warlock
Day #6Mystery number: 202Ritabelz & Vinaya
Day #7Mystery number: 4175Test Ament & drchris
Day #8Mystery number: 2454JohnW & Protevis
Day #9Mystery number: 1596Mcscrotee & dapstccg
Day #10Mystery number: 3387MongToi & raute_borge
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As the original post did not mention a timezome - the listed times are in GMT/London time. This means the first thread will start in about an hour and 20 minutes, and not in 20 minutes.


Congratulations to all winners, and lots of thanks for everyone who took part.

Please note that in order to deliver you the prize, you will need to provide us with your physical address through the support system. A ticket has been created for every winner already - please make sure you've given us an answer. You can reach the support system by right-clicking anywhere on the game screen and choosing Contact Support. Once there, simply click on the ticket title - you will be able to read what we've written, and you'll be able to write your own response and send it to us.
Not open for further replies.