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Event Forge Bowl

  • Thread starter DeletedUser4727
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I was a bit taken aback when I reached touchdown and didn't get the Pillar upgrade (I got 50 FP instead) - though I did get one for completing today's quest, which takes me up to level 5.
I gambled another 700 diamonds on the chance of winning the upgrade as today's cooler special, but failed to win again, just like last time it came up - that's enough :-(


Forge bowl is a rip off i have 3 times bought footballs and still only got special building to level 5


So... FoE unofficial wiki is a very dedicated community, listing data about several details of the game, and there is a list of Daily Special rewards of this Event as well. Thing is there is saying the Pillar of Heroes Upgrade was available on January, 31st for the first (and only) time, but I log in the game every single day (and check the Daily Special, of course) and it didn't show at all.

Now, I know the wiki may be wrong, of course, it's unofficial, but I doubt since it's been very accurate so far, but sh*t happens but... I've been accumulating Balls so far in an attempt to gather all upgrades needed to max out but it seems I won't be able to use very nice building of an Event. Again! >:(

Any word about this?

Man it appeared twice... I cant tell you dates but it did


i have 60 football left
and the cheapest chest they offer me is for 65
what a rip off


At least this event didn't have a light unit reward or 20k gold :D


Like many others, I feel aggrieved (bit strong perhaps, disappointed would be better), that I completed all the quest, had loads of footballs, but failed to win a single upgrade from the coolers. It would be great if the Pillar of Heros upgrade were offered as an option in the Daily Challenge, as the Maypole upgrade currently is. BTW, I have 2 cities, and in my second one I have an upgrade I can't use, because my PoH is at level 7. So it's feast in one, famine in the other. Pity I can't transfer the spare, now useless, upgrade across to the other city.


Would be nice to see both the PTH upgrade and the cider mill upgrade in the dailies, yeah

I got my level 7 pillar in the end, but used all my 'farmed' diamonds.