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Forge Bowl

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sovereign, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Sovereign

    Sovereign Former CM

    Aug 10, 2012

    Get footballs from quests. Use them to advance towards touchdown and obtain awesome rewards!

    Dear Queens and Kings,

    We're proud to present our brand new event - Forge Bowl! :) Your city has a new football team and you take on the role of its coach.
    You can expect it on January 16 :).

    When the event becomes available, you will be able to access the event window:


    The goal is to reach touchdown which will allow you to get the Touchdown Reward. You start 50 yards from the touchdown. The number of remaining yards is shown on the field.
    To be able to click on the buttons that let you advance towards the touchdown, you will need footballs. You can get them from quests. You will be able to complete 20 quests immediately, and then you will receive one quest per day until the last day of the event. The daily quests will stack, so you will probably have a few of them waiting for you, when you're done with the initial 20 quests.
    Your quarterback Cal will also give you some free footballs if you come back every day :).

    If you decide to use some of your footballs to click on one of the buttons, you will move up the playing field by the number of yards indicated on the arrow. Additionally, you will also get one of the items hidden in the cooler next to it (coolers change each time you open one of them). Each cooler also contains the Daily Special which is a desirable reward that changes every day.


    Speaking of rewards... We will have some old rewards from previous events coming back, but that's not all! As you may have expected, we will have a few brand new ones for you to collect :). There are six new football-themed portraits and five new buildings:

    Arena of Victors
    4x5 - Production building
    Depending on the selected production option, it can provide supplies, coins, medals, goods or Forge Points.
    Athlete Living Quarters
    3x4 - Residential building
    On top of coins, it also provides useful defense boost. When motivated, it will also generate goods.
    Winners' Plaza
    3x3 - Cultural building
    Also provides attack boost.
    Forge Bowl Trophy
    1x1 - Decoration

    Pillar of Heroes
    Pillar of Heroes is a special upgradable building. Once you have gotten it on the level 1 (expect it in one of the first quests), you will then have a chance to upgrade it up to six times! In order to do so, advance through the questline and get upgrade items. You can also get them as Daily Specials and Touchdown Rewards. Then, use them on your current Pillar of Heroes to upgrade it.

    Pillar of Heroes will produce coins by default. When motivated, it will also produce supplies. After upgrading to level 2, you will get a Forge Point on top (when motivated). Level 3 will add medals, level 4 goods. On levels 5 to 7 the values of produced resources will go up.


    The Forge Bowl event will end on February 5. We hope you enjoy it! As always, your feedback is very important for us, so don't forget to comment here.

    Good luck on the pitch! :)

    The Forge of Empires Team