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Forge Bowl 2021 Feedback

Epic Builder x1000

Second Lieutenant
The vineyard itself is decent for solely fp production:

  • Vineyard level 8: 8fp in 15 tiles + 1 road = 16 tiles: 1fp each 2.000 tiles
  • Terrace Farm level 2: 12fp in 30 tiles + 1 road = 1fp every 2.583... tiles
  • SoK level 2: 2fp in 4 tiles + 1 road = 1fp every 2.500 tiles
  • World’s Fair level 10: 10fp in 24 tiles + 1 road = 1fp every 2.500 tiles
  • Airship level 11: 9fp in 21 tiles + 1 road = 1fp every 2.333... tiles
  • Hippodrome Sphendone level 6: 8fp in 16 tiles + 1 road = 1fp every 2.125 tiles
  • Hippodrome Carceres level 6: 6fp in 12 tiles + 1 road = 1fp every 2.166... tiles
  • Harvest Barn set: 20fp in 42 tiles + 1 road (you cannot connect diagonally) = 1fp every 2.150 tiles
  • Olympic Treasury level 10: 8fp in 20 tiles + 1 road = 1fp every 2.625 tiles
Conclusion: Vineyard itself is decent for fp, the fields are worthy of being forgotten
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Warrant Officer
Shame each event doesnt come with an extra diamond expansion especially for those that have used all theirs. There would then be an incentive to maybe buy more diamonds and with more room to place builds players may use more diamonds to achieve the best levels etc more diamonds more money spent....


Very disappointed that the event did not give its daily amount of 100 balls on the last night before the end of the event - this has prevented me from completing the football game to get the last touch down required to get the final update to ensure the final level of the harvest building - I wish to thank the game organisers for the offer of buying a package to enable me to be able to complete - however I am curious as to why this was done after the previous daily supply was made ( with no indication that this was going to be the last one) - as if they knew it would not be completed with over 24 hours before the final event ending. I did not realise the game organisers could plan this far ahead with a game of chance - so again thankyou for insisting that I either pay or fail !!!!!!


There been events in the past where it been impossible to finish in the allocated time without diamonds.
This is not the first time this has happened.


Warrant Officer
The other opportunity is when you place the terracotta then decide there is no way you can fit the fields in that you wasted multi goes on that could have been better used on another prize. The Harvest barn fields were small and give a nice warm feeling whereas the 5x2's will languish in inventory :( they give no decent rewards on their own.