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Event Forge Bowl 2019

Thomas Covenent

I hardly picked the gold players- they were like 105 balls each and didn’t even have that good rewards, and yes I did follow the wiki guide but I also went for the highest one with a daily special.......this giving me two full classical garden sets. And how did I do a terriabad an a horriawful job of picking players if I just needed like 30 balls left ????
Well, because you failed to get the required 9 touchdowns while so many others with the exact same # of footballs were able to easily achieve a Lv10 w/out diamonds?:rolleyes:

You fell 30 balls short.
Everyone who tried was easily able to make the required 720 yards.

As for daily prizes, even with 100% ignoring the odds & going instead for pure efficiency I still walked away with:
- 1x Rogue shrink kit
- 4x Watchfire upgrades
- 2x Garden Pool
- 1x Garden Statues
- 1x Garden Patio (or whatever it's called)
- 2x Watchfire Lv1
...so 11 dailies total. (yay me!?)

Did I get a ton of useless junk from the 'players' themselves? Sure, but I still managed to get everything I wanted (and more!) while beating the 720 target by 43 extra yards.