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Event Forge 10th Anniversary Feedback


FoE Team
Co-Community Manager
Should we have got the newsletter already, or, will it come the day it starts?>
The newsletter has not yet been sent out, but we cannot say exactly when this will be.
Please ensure you are opted in well in advance of an event via your data privacy settings if you wish to receive these emails, as the email list is collated in advance. For more information on how to opt in, please contact us via ingame Support.


the dice seem to be fixed, in favour of the house... I've done 13 rolls and have 1 roll of 5 and 1 roll of 4, but mostly 3's...

Jonny Aegon

I think the gifts are a fun addition to the incidents, but the presents inside are they meant to be a showing of how FoE feels about the players ?
I opened 5 gifts today for a total of 50 money... that is enough for half a trhow of the dice. Ridiculous.
I'm already halfway through the event quests and i cleared the board 3 times now. I read it can be cleared 20 times, i don't see how that can be possible without spending tons of diamonds on it.
I play this game for 4 years now and it seems the creators are less and less likely to help the players that are not wealthy.
I see no other option then to quit playing if this continious...
On a positive note ( I know - they are rare from me), I like the event game format.
The gold die allows for an automatic grab of a special prize when in range.
So again, this is a pretty good feature. Too bad I didn't notice it right away - until after cruising past it 4 times - lol.

Xeon of Camelot

Not sure the importance of getting round the board at least once a day to increase age or just save the paper money for a decent daily special.
Anyway the event is fairly basic but adequate for a one-off 10th anniversary, but where are the give away Fireworks!!?


not impressed with the 10th anniversary event so far, completing a quest should reward you with a throw on the dice with the paper money gained and the little present pop ups with paper money reward dont make it any more appealing, can be described as another diamond grab from developers or will getting all upgrades for main building not require diamond spending.?? Will find that out in 14 days time :?
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A word about the Birthday Event. I have been playing a few seasons now and some Events were tedious and/ or disappointing and others I liked, but, this Event I really enjoy playing. Cudos to the engineers and graphic designers and all the others that contributed to it! I hope it becomes a yearly thing!


The event was actually good. Didn't require a ton of effort, assuming it was a special 10 year event it's shame its not being repeated as it was much better than the spring event which has gotten a little boring now after a few years. Due to not really liking the St Patrick's day event and no mystery box to carry forward to it I didn't expect to get a complete building but I got it on both servers.

There was a huge amount of choice for attack boost buildings my main choice for event prizes, although with trying for them as they appeared as a daily and then better (in my opinion) ones appearing later didn't have many rolls left for each one. Golden dice was a nice touch.

Only negative for me is the main building and those fragments. The pop up to say what it rewarded is annoying couldn't care less what fragments I get. Would prefer it if it had to pop up at all just to highlight a full set. (Ideally no pop up at all though)