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Forwarded: for Antique Dealer

would you like this to be a feature

  • yes

    Votes: 25 83.3%
  • no

    Votes: 5 16.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Proposal: Add area in AD where you can sell Blue Prints for a new currency that you can only use in that section to buy other BP's

Have you checked the forums for the same or similar idea : yes i have checked and having to much BP's is something many players tryed to offer ideas on
but i think this one is prity new

Reason: lots of players have loads of BP's they don't plan on using but sometimes one of the squares is hard to get
ps: probabilitys for your needed BP to apear in that section of AD won't be 100% the day you'll want it so this stays strategic play

Details: add an icon to go to that part of AD

Visual Aids: none so far but if someone wants to create one i'd be happy to edit to place one here

Balance/Abuse Prevention: like said in reason part probabilitys for your needed BP to apear in that section of AD won't be 100% the day you'll want it to avoid abuse
pls have fun talking of this idea
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Oh yes, for sure, we need some way to sell or swap all those spare bps. It's been suggested many times in different ways, but not like you're suggesting it here, I think. I like your idea :-)
well the AD was implemented to get rid of stuff we have in inventory and BP's are accessible from inventory and god knows some players have loads of BP's they'll never use that's without talking of BP's for GB's we don't plan to ever build
+1 - voted yes above

The always missing a single BP - It's by design - they are not likely to implement this type of idea.
It's akin to the super market games - collect all pieces of an item to win - you always get a bunch of most of the pieces - BUT - getting that missing piece is very difficult - reason - only so many are made available so that only a given # of people win.

It's the same with collecting bp's - the odds of getting a particular bp is NOT the same for ALL bp's.
Some are made more difficult - less of a probability of acquiring - be design - reason - only so many sets can be made available so that there is a likelihood of diamonds being spent on the Missing piece.

If you observe the bp distributions within a given gb - get up to say 50 or more copies and the probability of the different pieces becomes visible. And, it's not necessary to get to that many before realizing that a particular piece is not coming anytime soon - hence - if you Really need it - there goes 200 diamonds - by design!


RFP lets you get blueprints for pretty much any GB. (Except for the no-age GBs, but you can get those from elsewhere.) You don't even have to sell anything to get them, only aid your friends, neighbors, or guildmates. If you build that, and level it enough, then other than prints for brand new GBs, you'll never have blueprint problems ever again. And to get prints for brand new GBs, all you need is a couple thousand FPs.


And, of course, you can get a million more prints by helping out your fellow players: in a guild 1.9 thread or inter-guild 1.9 threads.

The only time blueprints are a problem, is at the beginning of the game, but that's also when you don't yet have access to AD. By the time you can access AD, you should either have all the prints you'll ever need, or the system in place for you to get all the prints within a couple of months.


Perhaps you should be able to choose which great building you get the blueprint for but not which blueprint