FOE Tools, a set of tools to simplify life on Forge Of Empire

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In this start of the new year, I share you a tools that I have developped to simplify your life on FOE.This set of tools are designed to rush GB.

One tool will help you calculate the number of FPs you need to secure a place on Great Buildings, another (integreted on the first and also in standalone version) to calculates the number of FP that a player must put on a GB to block his place.


The project is OpenSource and the website is hosted on GitHub. Thus, everyone with the necessary skills can participate in the improvement of this site.

Note: English is not my main. So, if you find mistake in text, please tell me and I will correct that.

GB Data can be found here: GM 1.9 @ Yoratheon (Grameen)
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New version, 1.4.0:
  • The site is now available in German
  • Fixed a bug when selecting GBs in the drop-down list (under Firefox)
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New version, 1.5.0:

Arrival of a new tool, the "Château Frontenac Calculator". This tool allows you to predict the number of resources needed for recurring quests based on the fact that you are rushing Rinbin's quest "non-birthday party" and also allows you to estimate the rewards obtained.

Improvement in the secure place tool. You can now enter the bonus of your Arc and the number of FPs of the target place, this will tell you if you will win or lose FPs (or no profit / loss).

Added a page that list direct and indirect contributors of the project.
Added a page (only available in english) that displays change log.
The site is now available in Russian.


Hello everyone,

It is with great joy that I announce you the release of the new version of the site: 2.0.0

This new update brings a lot of change. First, I changed technology to develop the site, which involved redeveloping it entirely.

Add 2 new tools :
- GB Statistics
- Forecast cost GB

The first one allows you to visualize several graphs on the evolution of the costs and the gains of GBs.
The second lets you know how many FPs are necessary to go from one level of a GB to another, with or without help of big Arc.

Improvement of the promotion message

In "GB Investment", a column was added to tell for each place if are free or not. If it is, it will be added to the promotion messages.
Promotion messages can now be prefixed and suffixed.
You can also easily copy a message with a button just to the right of it (for browsers that support it, normally, all recent browsers)


Add GB: "The Blue Galaxy"

When you visit a permanent link, a message appears at the top of the page to inform you that the changes you make will not be saved in cookies.

Added a cookie disclaimer message to tell the user that the site uses cookies

Added permanent link in "Secure place" and "Château Frontenac Calculator".

Add sub-url by language ("/fr" for French, "/de" for German and default "/" for English)

Fixed the problem of cookies expiration.

Fixed infinite calculation in "Château Frontenac Calculator" when more resources were spent than needed to complete quests.

Update and data corrections on GBs

The style of the site has slightly changed.


Note: normally, there is no need for buttons to start calculations. If the calculations are not done automatically, it is that your browser is not recent enough (or does not follow certain standards of the web). If the problem occurs to many people, I will re-add them.



New version, 2.1.2:

  • Add level 81 to 152 of progressive era
  • Fix gb-statistcs crash for high levels
  • Fix wrong rounding of reward in gb-investment



New update released today: 2.5.0

This update add 2 new tools:


This tool facilitates your business by offering you the best rates according to your way of trading.

Campaign cost

This tool predicts the cost of a sector or province.

Other improvments:
  • The website is now available in Dutch.
  • Improve localization referencment
  • Now in secure-place tool in GB-Investment you can just select the targeted place instead of input FPs of this place.


Good evening everyone,

On the eve of another update of FOE, I announce you a new update of FOE-Tools: 2.6.0

Improve GB-Investment

A "new" tool arrives, I say "new" in quotation marks because it is a different vision of a tool already existing on the site:

The "GM Investment" tool now has 2 different views, the first is the one that was there from the beginning and is called "Owner View", the second and an investor-oriented view and is called "Investor View".

This view allows to see the gain that can be obtained by taking a place with or without taking into account investments in other places. There are 3 types of consideration of other places:

No do not take into account other places
Normal take into account the other places with a minimum investment of investors and without securing by the owner
Optimal take into the account the other places with an investment without profit of the investors and with securing by owner

Virtual Future

Added the first 81 levels of the GM "Terracotta Army" of the virtual future (coming out tomorrow).

Adding Levels

Added levels 81 to 106 of the High Middle Ages
Added levels 153 to 156 of the Progressive Era
Added levels 81 to 110 of the Postmodern Era.
Added levels 142 and 143 of the Future Era

Some minor minor corrections.


Good evening, again a new update: 2.8.0

  • Adding the Virtual Future in the "Château Frontenac Calculator"
  • Addition of the first two sectors of the Virtual Future (for the tool "Campaign Cost")
  • Added an option to display the level in promotion messages
  • Fixed the tab change in "GB Investment" (the favorite view was saved by GB instead of globally).

I also updated the contributions page by improving the display and trying to identify all the people who contributed directly or not to the project.


Hello everyone,

Another small update: 2.10.0

  • Added levels 71 to 81 of the "Tomorrow" era
  • Add provinces of Virtual Futures
  • Add of a field in "GB Investment" to enter the number of FPs invested by the owner to know how many FPs are left for each place
  • Small correction in "Forecast GB cost", The lowest level is 0 and not 1.


Good evening,

New update: 2.11.0

  • Add input to set custom investor value if place does not have reward
  • Improve "Search Engine Optimization"



new update: 2.12.0

Add levels of several ages:
  • Bronze Age: 81 to 112
  • Early Middle Ages: 107 to 112
  • High Middle Ages: 83 to 90
  • Late Middle Ages: 81 to 110
  • Industrial Age: 57 to 89
  • Progressive Era: 157 to 158
  • Contemporary Era: 81 to 107
  • The Future: 144 to 146
  • Arctic Future: 102 to 117
  • Oceanic Future: 83 to 101

Save state when change graph in GB Statistics.



new update: 2.13.0

Add levels of several ages:
  • No Age / High Middle Ages : 90 to 100
  • Iron Age : 89 to 95 (71)
  • Late Middle Ages : 111 to 116
  • Colonial Age: 71 à 72
  • Modern Era : 26 to 63
  • Postmodern Era : 111 to 117
  • Contemporary Era : 108
  • Tomorrow : 82 to 85
  • The Future : 148 to 167
  • Arctic Future : 118 to 122

Add last provinces of the Virtual Future

In "GB Statistics" Adding a permanent link

In "GB Investment" correction of the display of the investor's total investment when the P5 have a huge Arc bonus.



new update: 2.14.0

Add levels of several ages:
  • Bronze Age: 113 to 120
  • Colonial Age: 73 to 91
  • Industrial Age: 90 to 101
  • Postmodern Era: 118 to 136
  • Contemporary Era: 109 to 121
  • The Future: 168
  • Arctic Future: 123 to 126
  • Virtual Future: 103 to 106



new update: 2.15.0

  • Update contributors
  • Add level 71 of Iron Age (wich has been forgotten)
  • Fix gain calculation in « Secure Place »



New version: 2.16.0

Add GB levels (cost and reward) of:
  • No Age: 100 to 107
  • Bronze Age: 120 to 153
  • Iron Age: 95 to 103
  • Early Middle Age: 112 to 131
  • Late Middle Age: 116 to 122
  • Colonial Age: 92 to 101
  • Modern Era: 64 to 101
  • Tomorrow: 83 to 101
  • The Future: 169 to 175
  • Arctic Future: 127 to 137
  • Oceanic Future: 102 to 110

Fix level cost:
  • The Future: 96
  • No Age / High Middle Ages: 51



New version: 2.17.0

In "GB Investment", improvement of the display of the current level (some people had trouble knowing is when we put 10 is on the level 9,10,11 for example).
Now, if we put level 10 it tells us: Level 9 → 10.

In some cases, the number of FPs to be put by the owner for the P2 to P5 is lower than the previous places (example: the previous of P2 is P1), it is possible by relying on the fact that people have taken the previous places, to overcome the problems of understanding ensuing, if the number of FPs of the owner is lower than the investments he has to put for a previous place (P1 for example), he takes the cost of the previous place.

Add GB levels (cost and reward) of:
  • Late Middle Ages: 123
  • Tomorrow: 102
  • The Future: 176 to 182



New version: 2.18.0

Add GB levels (cost and reward) of:
  • Late Middle Ages: 124 to 130
  • Progressive Era: 158 to 163
  • The Future: 183
Adding an exhaustive table of cookies used on the site in about page.



Note: version 2.19.0 only contains few improvments for smartphone users.

New version: 2.20.0

Add GB levels (cost and reward) of:
  • Bronze Age: 154
  • Iron Age: 104
  • Late Middle Ages: 130 to 132
  • Industrial Age: 102
  • Oceanic Future: 111
  • Virtual Future: 107
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