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FoE Soccer Cup 2016

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sovereign, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Sovereign

    Sovereign Former CM

    Aug 10, 2012

    The time has come! Your neighborhood will once again host one of the most important tournaments in Forge of Empires. The great sporting event will begin on June 9th. Skilled soccer players will arrive to your neighborhood to compete in FoE Soccer Cup! Do you have enough courage to lead your city into victory in a thrilling penalty shootout contest? What will your strategy be? Will you play it safe to ensure moderate success or take higher risks for potentially higher rewards? The choice is yours, coach!

    Use your shots wisely and get as many cups as you possibly can! Then trade them for beautiful event buildings and other prizes that are available in the event window which will remain available until July 10th.


    Below, you can watch a video where our game designers tell you more about the FoE Soccer Cup!


    The event window and the shootout
    All the action takes place in the event window that will be presented to you by your favorite jester - Rinbin!
    You're taking part in a penalty shootout contest and you can choose how to shoot. Each option has its pros and cons. You can take the safe route and win a few cups. But you can also take your chance and try one of the other options and (maybe) get many more cups! It's all up to you:


    It is worth mentioning that each time you miss a goal, you increase the number of cups that can be won by making that particular goal. The first person who makes the goal takes it all and the cup reward is reset.
    One more thing that you can't forget about are your fans! You can use their support to increase your chances of scoring goals (this will cost you a few cups though).


    Scoring goals
    If you have enough luck to trick the goalkeeper into making a mistake, you will win the entire cups pool that has accumulated for this particular shot option:
    Goooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!!And you got 80 cups!


    Grabbing prizes
    There are three different kinds of prizes that you can get in the FoE Soccer Cup:

    1. The rotating rewards
    The rewards here will change every 6 hours, so you can get up to 4 different rewards per day! These will be various buildings, Observatory blueprints, coins, supplies, medals and Forge Point packages.
    2. The chest
    The contents of the chest will remain the same over the course of the FoE Soccer Cup event. However, unlike the rotating rewards where you can be certain that what you see is what you get, the chest represents a random chance of getting one of the rewards inside of it. Hover over it to see what you can obtain.
    3. The Top Scorer reward
    This is the cup that you can win if you're the best coach in your neighborhood. If you manage to have the highest single-shot score in your neighborhood when the timer gets to 0, you will win it! It's much more than just a cup. It's a symbol of glory and fame!

    And remember: among the rewards you can get, there are 4 brand new soccer-themed rewards. Get them all and you can construct a very nice, small stadium!



    This is a list of frequently asked questions along with answers that we think you may want to read through:
    • I've done the 20% shot 5 times, but did not win Cups. Are the chances wrong?
      The chances shown for any shot are not cumulative, but individual. Meaning you have a 20% chance to win every time you take that shot. If you do 3 shots, the chance will not change to 60%, it remains 20%. You could score with 1 single shot, but it could also take you 10 shots or more to score.
    • I was using the 5% shot and the reward had reached 700 Cups, but then with my next shot it said I won only 100 Cups. Where are the rest of the cups?
      As pointed out in the announcement for the Soccer Cup, the event is shared within the neighborhood. This means any action you take will be reflected in the event window for all your neighbors, but also any actions your neighbors take will be reflected in your own event window. In this situation for example, a neighbor has scored the winning shot and won the large amount of cups, which also restarted the cups reward, at which point you had your winning shot.
    • I've bought the Golden Chest 4 times now and all 4 times I've won a Watchfire. Is this a bug?
      The chances of winning any building from the Golden Chest remain the same no matter how many Chests you buy/open. While in terms of probability it would not be very common to receive the same building multiple times in a row, there is still the possibility that this can happen. You have the chance to win all of those buildings every time you open the chest, so which building you receive is purely random based on the displayed odds. But even with randomness, the same scenario can repeat several times.
    • My cups are shown as 1.7K. How can I see the exact number of cups I own?
      To do this, open the Soccer Cup window. In that window simply hover over the amount of cups and you will see a tooltip with the exact number of cups you own. Do note this only works in the Soccer Cup window, and not on the main game screen.
    • I currently own over 3K Cups, yet it shows that another player is the Top Scorer with only 1285 Cups. Why is that?
      The Top Scorer is the person who has earned the highest number of cups with one single shot. If you win 1200 cups, and then another 600 cups, this does not make your high score 1800 - it is still 1200. Because that is your highest single score.
    • I used the 'Double Chance' item and won cups. But the amount of cups I won was not doubled?
      The 'Double Chance', as the name says, doubles the chance for you to get a winning shot. If the original chance for that shot is 20%, a double chance will increase it to 40%. However, it does not affect the amount of cups in any way, so you do not receive double cups.

    Good luck on the pitch!
    And as always - remember to give us your feedback here!

    Forge of Empires Team
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