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FOE memes, gotta have some


It's continuously loading, and then your image doesn't pop up :(


@Superteddy : so it took you sooo long to come up with one ? LOL :D :cool:
@mungiu : ahaha that was my ban, was it ??? It's so nice of you to PUTIN a good word for me ! :D

The one that chromeozone posted isn't there either, i'm sure it was there before i think ?
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oh yes so I have seen it before. It doesn't show anymore on the thread for me. But I do see the others (except ted's)


funny 1.jpg

Credit to Taeriyn for the picture that I hi-jacked!


funny 2.jpg


Image might be slightly graphic - shows a horse with a limb missing :S

funny 3.jpg


just fyi automations dont work here :P and if they do they are a no no ;)



Bring it! lol


:cool: hehehe
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Chief Warrant Officer
just fyi automations dont work here :P and if they do they are a no no ;)

LOL...I wonder why they dont work or are a no-no... had a good Meme but it needs the animations to work ... its a small file and very much within the forum rules ... would have been fun if it had worked :-(

Can I link with an external image hosting site ...will that work??

Click on the image to view the animated version (as the animation does not work on this forum had to post it on an external image hosting website)...sorry for the trouble and hope u guys like the MEME ....

[url=http://postimg.org/image/qmrolt7ol/] [/URL]
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Guys this is a GREAT post !! So glad to see people taking part....
LOL @ the baby in a suit... that is some serious mafioso...
Will try to find more memes but it's hard to make some good ones innit ;p
@ted ... still waiting for YOURS !