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Floating Cadaver


Forum Ambassador
So far we have a 100% record of winning GE and GbG!

Now promoted to gold league for the next round. Join us for some fun, no holds barred fighting you can even negotiate if you really want! :D

Message me in game if you are interested


Forum Ambassador
After only 6 weeks

Floating Cadaver is now ranked 61st on L and is at Lvl 18 - join us in this rapidly growing guild and show what a small team of dedicated players can do :D


Forum Ambassador
We continue to kick butt!

After only 8 weeks in existence and 4 rounds of GbG we have beaten off much bigger and "stronger" competition and moved straight to Platinum!

Now the fun begins, join us to show the big guilds who's boss! :D


Forum Ambassador
The 9 rotting corpses of The Floating Cadaver have risen from the murky depths to the sparkling surface that is diamond league and are ready to slay all those who stand in our way.

If you enjoy a good team spirit and fighting to the death then we are the guild for you! Message me in game for more information :D