FIREBIRD is recruiting


FIREBIRD is a top 5 guild on the server.

We, like most guilds, are always looking for new players.

We are looking for players, who like to do the GE. we have a minium of 24 encounters. We have the best record on en07 1st: 71, 2nd: 6. One the best records on all En servers.

If you into GvG you will really fit in here.

Do to our guilds level we get the following benefits.

1) 6FP daily from out Townhall
2) Our troops heal or build time reduced by 27%
3) 13% cost reduction on buildings

We treat each other with respect, no matter what their status/ xp points
We trade fairly. 2-1 (one level up), 1-1 (same level) , 1-2 (one level down)
We aid regulary
We have various threads to help each other out. New Great Building (GB), FP swop, Trade to name a few

We involve ourselves FULLY to help further the guild. This means fighting, producing goods, contributing by trade and donating FP to guilds GB.

Be warned - we do expect you to help us out! We also have a real laugh and you will be given all the support you need here.

Do join message one of the following people in game. fishmonk, Mikazza, Vlad the Impaler100000, Morrisrat, klem70