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Finally left the game because of toxic community

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Chief Warrant Officer
you will not last long in this big bad world, if you run away from everything just because you dont like !!! grow a pair or man up are terms that seem to be watered down these days but have good meaning.
^ this is what I mean.
The person doesn't even know who I am and how big of a pair I got and he is still toxic... although he is a sweetheart what the game can give as toxicity.
It's higher than Chernobyl for sure.

mean machine

Hi ivan, where is 'toxic community', in some specific world in EN global chat, inside guild, neighborhood or here in FoE forum?

klods hans

I rarely meet any toxic behaviour in this game. Maybe sometimes in this forum though - and occasionally in global chat. But it's really rare.
On the contrary, I've made some wonderful and awesome friends through this game. The happy socializing and the great friends you can make in this game are some of the main reasons why I keep playing,

PeePee Pleb

Hard to swallow pill: Maybe it's not the community that is toxic, it's maybe you who is just oversensitive and find alnost everything as toxic behaviour.

Zeratul 2.0

Lieutenant Colonel
As a wise man in the future will once have said, "'awakening' is something only you can understand."
"Goodbye forever" AND "TTYL" because we will meet again, in some shape or form...

And now...
Group therapy is in session! First of all a warning: The practitioner is not certified and has no professional academic degree -- Take the pill at your own risk. Now, sometimes we as human beings simply have a general feeling of good v.s. bad, up v.s. down, passion v.s. depression, happiness v.s. misery, etc. and there is no clearer way to describe the problem, identify the cause and thereby find a solution, than acknowledging such a general and vague thought. At such times, we need to ask ourselves this one question: is it caused by inner factors, or external factors? Should we look inside ourselves or examine the outside world for an answer? By a little of research combined with largely self-reflection and rumination, I realize that "inner" simply mean body and "outer" simply means mind. There, the distinction in between the two is the starting place to solving all problems; step one, we dissipate any confusion right on that interface. For example, at times you may "feel utterly powerless" against the big, big world, when in fact you may be simply hungry. And sometimes you may feel tired, depleted, lacking motivation, lost interesting in everything, or in one word, depressive, when in fact, it is your body that is in an uncomfortable state, parts of your body and areas of your skin might be cold, indicating along with it, poor blood circulation. Some sources call it the distinction between feelings and senses.
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