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Fighting on angry


Proposal: At the moment, if you fight and your city is angry, you get a pitiful amount of ranking points. That doesn't sound fair: you should get the same number of points no matter what your city mood is. Same argument could be made for tower points as well.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?

Doesn't seem to have been.

Details: As I've said, it doesn't seem very fair to get one amount of points for battles if your city is happy and another if your city is angry. You still fight the same battle and lose the same number of units. You could say that 'well, you should delete military/goods buildings and build happy buildings'. But then I could say, why not deduct points from fights if you don't have enough supplies buildings? Or houses? It doesn't seem logical.

I can at least understand deducting tower points for an angry city. But deducting ranking points seems illogical.

Visual Aids: N/A

Abuse Prevention: I suppose there may be people who delete happy buildings and fill their city with military. But tbh I see this as a strategic choice rather than a problem.


-1, getting the right mix of buildings is all part of the strategy of the game.


You've referenced the "angry" impact on the points and I'd assume you'd find it equally unfair that being "enthusiastic" gives extra points?

While it's true, the happiness impacting points from a battle doesn't make much sense I still don't mind it as it encourages players to think carefully about how their town is set up. At the moment happiness only impacts coins, supplies and battle points and if we remove it's impact on battle points then you could come very close to disregarding happiness all together (especially given the boosts you can get from GB's).

So personally I like it the way it is.


Bad idea... some players will just trash all their culture buildings and replace them by army barracks.
Happiness is a vital part of the game. If you are active and aiding players it shall be easy to to keep your people happy and enthousiastic.
Also you need to keep your culture up to date or aiding will only motivate.
It's part of the game, and you shall play the game in all its options to be successful.
Big -1