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Guild Fighting lions

  • Thread starter Deleted member 118885
  • Start date

Deleted member 118885

Hi i am Emma the guild founder of Fighting lions
i am going to write about what happens in my guild as of today
we are currently #213 in mount killmore and in the gold league

We like taking part in GBG,GvG and GE
Members as of today
#1 gallifrey (fighter)
#2 Vivgar (co-founder)
#3 Emmagirl2 (Owner and founder)
#4 mistressclara (fighter)
#5 Rawcardo (leader)
#6 Cameltoe
#7 marcus 1
#8 spider assassin
#9 Bones
#10 WinnerGR
#11 Turnkick
#12 EntityYT
#13 TJ 673
and 8 more members
allie of 420 spartans

Deleted member 118885

Yesterday the 27th of july 2020

Gallifrey joined the guild
An NAP with Lions was made
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Deleted member 118885

28th of july 2020

One member joined another returned
GE level 4 unlocked
One sector conquered one lost in GvG
GBG second place
Nothing new much

Deleted member 118885

29th of july 2020

GvG changes 6 sectors conquered by gallifrey
lost 4 sectors and walled in BY none other than RLM
Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 11.10.36 AM.png
well done gallifrey
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